Time Warping The Virus

As crazy as it sounds, recently I had dream – what if the COVID virus (or something like it) hitting us now in 2020 somehow managed to hit us in, say 1985?

Actually, this dream would (at least in my theory) be a nightmare. If this virus (or if something like it) hit in 1985 – we would not have had a “contingency infrastructure” to survive it. Again, this is just my pedestrian insight tackling a very hypothetical question.

We probably would have been looking at the 2020 worst-case scenario of 1 out of every 100 people in this country dying. Would we have known in 1985, for example, to socially distance from each other – and on top of that, would that have worked out as well in the 80’s as it did in 2020? But again, how can you call 90,000 people dying from COVID so far (if the numbers are accurate) a success?

On the other hand, I don’t think the matter would have been constantly politicized had it happened in President Reagan’s era. In my vision – the Democrats and the GOP would crunch the numbers, figured our we were screwed, and worked together for us. Much like now, the economic impacts would probably have been quite severe – leading to significant change to keep the country going, if possible.

Maybe we would have gotten stipends from the government as played out in 2020 with the $1,200 checks that were doled out – but in 1985, where would we have spent that money to keep the economy flowing? Either the businesses would have stayed or remained closed, gone out of business – or some combination therein.

Yep, a scary scenario to look at, I know. Almost a blessing it happened now in comparison.

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