Man Behind The Mask

I finally got around to getting a haircut yesterday. I was going to get one in March, honestly – but then world events and whatever it is you want to call this event happened. Florida hasn’t gone through all the trevail that some other states have – so hair salons have now been open for almost two weeks.

As are most things in our current normal, getting a haircut isn’t as easy as it once was. I had to call the Walmart hair salon in the morning to set up the noon appointment – which could be done beforehand, but is now a requirement. There are no benches to sit on nearby the area, and the front gate is closed and guarded. You can’t pay by cash for now – all transactions have to be done by the plastic of a credit or debit card.

You also have to wear a surgical mask while getting your hair trimmed. Prior to yesterday, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore such a mask – if ever. After the haircut, I kept the mask on and continued shopping, and I seem to fit in with the 75 percent or so also wearing masks at Wally World.

Let’s just say it was different. I’m keeping the mask around with plans to wash it the next time I do laundry. The way things go – who knows, I may need it.

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