Comply Or Else

And here we go again, Florida.

The county to my north (Pasco County) and the county to my east (Hillsborough County) have now passed orders that it is mandatory for all of us to wear masks. Of course, they didn’t give the residents a chance to vote on this – they decreed it from on high. Later in the evening, Pinellas County, my county, followed suit with a mandatory face mask order.

Since COVID hit, I’ve worn a mask a whopping total of one time – to comply with my Walmart hair salon wanted in order to get a haircut. I’m not looking forward to having to mandatorily wear one to get food there – and the choice will likely come from a handful of bureaucrats who a few short months ago never would have dreamed they’d have this much power in our everyday lives.

To make wearing masks mandatory is shaky ground – as I believe, due to what will likely be the lack of an ability to enforce the law, that the decision should be best made on an individual basis. If any of you readers feel you need the protection, by all means wear your mask. If you don’t feel that way – I’m perfectly okay with your decision to go maskless.

I remember a time in Florida in my young adult life in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when seat belts weren’t mandatory – and most of the time when you don’t wear one, it comes at your peril if you get into a serious accident. Then a bunch of bureaucrats decided that we collectively were making bad decisions – so that decision went away.

Then when 9/11 happened, your “freedoms” become limited whenever you went to the airport – even though no American was involved in the hijacking of those four planes that one day. (That is, at least that we know of.) Governments always say they’re looking out for you – yet they find ways to take more power here, and more power there.

They want to get you acclimated to a state of compliance, doing it in ways that forces the public to comply out of peer pressure or being put in significant inconveniences. The day will come – at the rate we’re going, probably not that too far away – where Americans refuse to comply, taking whatever risks come of it. Then what will government do?

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