Return To Wally World

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If you had told me a week ago I’d be working for Walmart again – I wouldn’t have believed you. The very Walmart I’ve spoken of many of times on this blog is now the new home of my employment.

With the COVID money most Americans got running out faster than I had anticipated, and no word of any more stimulus coming anytime soon – I did what most would do: look for work. I knew it would probably be difficult to do so during a pandemic, but as John Madden might say – I couldn’t worry about the horse being blind. I just had to load the wagon.

I applied to Walmart several times in the past few years, previously to this effort with no success. My last day at Walmart was July 11, 2000 – when I had transferred from the store I worked at in Charlotte, North Carolina to one in Largo, Florida. To be completely transparent – I left because I worked in maintenance in Charlotte, then they told me I’d be a stocker in Largo and did so without what I felt was fair notice. The way I remember it, it was basically a take it or leave it situation – and you can guess what I chose being 20 years younger and having gone through fewer life experiences.

In the 2020 go around I’m currently in – I was initially told I was going to be an online shopper, where I would go around the store and retrieve grocery items and whatnot. When I went to the interview – the online shopper job opening turned into an opening in automotive.

Well, I had that coming to me, I guess – though it seems if you express a confidence in being able to do something well, at least in my instances they stick you somewhere else and make you learn that. They want employees who they can control, I guess (and perhaps that’s the smarter way of doing things, to give employees new and more skills and not a comfort zone) – and in times like these, there’s only one thing left to ask.

Where do you want me to attach the puppet strings?

2 thoughts on “Return To Wally World”

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