Gaslighting The Presidency

If you’ve visited this blog often enough – you know how I feel about things. My opinions are my own – you’re going to come at me with your own points of view, which I can respect and appreciate. We live in probably the most interesting times this country has ever seen, which a choice in a few months that may alter our country’s future for good or ill forever.

I didn’t see the President’s news conference yesterday – because I’m not too keen generally on the absurd questions the media tends to ask that cater to political whims and what their viewers, listeners, and readers would want to see asked. They have become cheerleaders for the leot who presently run a candidate who is a hollow shell of who he used to be. They are opinion columnists disguised as reporters.

What I noticed yesterday was the allegations that the President, in the opinion of these reporters with Twitter handles, was holding a campaign rally at the White House’s Rose Garden. Some opined that because the President was giving opinions at a press conference where opinions are solicited by said reporters – was violating the Hatch Act. As you can see by what I saw from the screen grab from the Twitter app from my cell phone – not even the Associated Press was buying what these ever-implying reporters was selliing.

This is what the media does, and this is how the President had to survive an impeachment earlier in the year. They tell you that something is illegal when such a thing is perfectly legal – like the President asking the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Asking for an investigation is legal – influencing the outcome of such an investigation is not.

Needless to say, the media does a disservice to the public when they misrepresent the truth in the matter that they do. Even Fox News is fake news – a willing collaborator in the Democratic misinformation campaign. The President recently tweeted that maybe the media who depends on viewer donations (such as NPR and PBS) should be defunded – and perhaps that time has come.

All of this because a non-politician became President. They didn’t treat General Eisenhower this way, did they?

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