Trouble At The DMV

Wake up calls take many forms. I got one today going through an eye exam to get my drivers license renewed.

My vision problems are worse than I thought. I have two options: go see an optometrist or to give up my ability to drive.

The current thinking is to give up my license. I have trouble with foot sensitivity on top of the peeper trouble and have had so over three years. My thinking: why spend God knows how much money fighting to fix a problem when I will still have one?

I haven’t decided on anything final as of yet – just sharing my current thoughts.

Must I Be So Blasted Honest?

The Walmart job has still yet to resume for me.

In our wonderful era of COVID, I have to take screenings on a phone app. When I did so Monday night, they asked if I had vomited in the prior ten days. About a week ago on August 20th, I woke up with a bad reaction to something – food from the prior night or maybe something else.

I can go years between vomits, and I’ve probably gone Presidential terms without doing so. But unluckily for me, I upchucked twice that day. I reported it honestly in the app.

Now I may need to see a doctor to prove I don’t have COVID – even though I don’t have COVID. But get a runny nose and vomit six weeks apart, and this is what the hypochondriac world we live in leads us to believe.

There has to be a way where honesty is rewarded and dishonesty isn’t. This Walmart COVID policy seems to do the reverse. If you hide your illnesses, you might get away with doing so until you can’t – therefore, this can’t end well for them.

I Just Want To Make One Right Move

It’s the day before I resume work at Walmart. I’m antsy as all get out, because whatever plays out in my future hinges on how this goes. It also feels like there are elements to all of this beyond my control.

Like so many of us during the ongoing COVID mess, I’m committed to doing this as there are no other realistic options at the moment. It’s only my best bet because it’s the only bet.

I don’t know if my body and soul will hold up doing this, but searching my soul – I feel I must make the effort. My life has been far from ideal – but in the unlikely event something happens to me, at least I was doing something instead of nothing.

Hoping things go well.

A Re-Return To Wally World

I have no idea what happened this week – and if you told me a week ago that I’d be returning to my Walmart for re-employment (my future there was in doubt once I was initially there) in a few days, I would have thought you were crazy. But in this COVID-19 world we live in, the bizarre has become the normal – so why would my life be any different than all of our lives collectively?

But Wednesday I got the call to come back – and I finalized the deal on Friday to come back on the 24th.

It’s the kind of thing in life that makes one wonder if I just hit a patch of dumb luck that was fortunate for me. Maybe there are higher powers looking out for me who try to look out for us all?

In my nearly 49 years of life (my birthday is two weeks from tomorrow), I’ve always been a bit confused as to where luck begins and ends. I’ve had a good streak of luck the last year, between the GoFundMe money being raised for me by my high school classmates – the COVID money the government gave me, and now trying to find a pulse on the job front.

They have me working in the automotive section, besieged by closures due to the ongoing COVID threat. It’s a physical job – and the age of me doing a physical job may be nearing it’s end as I have slowed down in the legs.

Maybe I do need those higher powers in my life after all.

The Trouble With 24/7

Maybe Albert Einstein is right, and I need to realize it – doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is insanity.

So here’s the skinny of my 24/7 redux of the past month: I don’t recommend going there. I nearly passed on orientation day, to be honest with you – because I was told the day of orientation and the day I picked up the computer equipment would be seperate days. With no notice, they reduced my notice to only a few hours where I had to pick up the equipment – so reluctantly, off I went.

I trained for eight weekdays – and I began to notice similarities between training in 2015 and training in the here and now. They tell you it’s a doable job, while reminding you of how impossible it all sounds simultaneously. They want you to be accurate – but they also want seemingly impossible speed out of you. They tell you what to write down after they already mentioned what to write down, so you’re constantly asking for what it was that was just said.

They also don’t allow you to simulate the conditions of the calls with any degree of realism, kind of like how a telemarketing organization would do. I doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would take a larger than normal young man and ask him to play offensive tackle the next day – and you wouldn’t send men into space without simulating the conditions that would happen, or could happen.

What I got out of 24/7 is that it’s no skin off their nose for you to fail – they want you to go elsewhere, because they still make money by you not ever making it to the optimal pay rate. Or, maybe you thought this was your dream job and you signed up for the healthcare they offer? Well, I didn’t. You’d think I’d learn this the first time out, and I didn’t. Oh, well.

Hello Square One, I’ve Missed You!

Well, I’m out of work again. I’ll get into what happened at 24/7 and how that story ended up (Hint: it went much the way it did in 2015) when I get my final pay from them.

July (and early August) was a reminder to me of how some things changed in the work place, and how some things are worse than ever before.

First, let’s visit the Walmart job again. I’m no longer that because I caught a runny nose the morning after my first day there. They wanted me isolated, which I did – while getting the other job at 24/7 In Touch that I could do from home. They (Walmart) threw me the idea of getting paid for the time I had to miss, provided I stayed there – in the form of a one-time benefit. Without giving me the idea of what that benefit payment would be, I passed on it.

Walmart didn’t want me to better myself by going somewhere else – but if I’m getting runny noses and constantly missing work due to only that, I am of no use to them anyway.

Relatives think I may have Asperger syndrome. I suppose it is possible. I’ll get into what happened at 24/7 next week or the week after that – but I’m beginning to see our world a bit differently.

Pressure Is A Privilege, You Say?

Today, I’m feeling the pressure of what I’m thinking wi;; be a critical few days in my future. If the job works out, it gives me breathing room – if and until that changes.

I’ve been trying to get into watching the Rays games – it just doesn’t feel the same these days. Players are continuing to catch COVID to the point where the entire MLB season my be cancelled for the first time in its history. Hoping that doesn’t happen, obviously – we need success stories in sports, not failures.

I mentioned a while back that the time Big Brother season open came and went – but it does look like they’re going to give it a try with an All-Star season beginning on Wednesday. Usually we know by now who is playing and a gist off what the game will entail – but all we know about BB22 is that it will be an All-Star season just as BB7 was in 2006. Usually I want to see a good season – but this year, I’m rooting for everyone to make it through the season. We need success stories, not failures.

If I’m feeling the pressure that seems to be out there, I’m sure there are pressures in your life that you’re dealing with unlike ever before. The stresses we are all communally dealing with can’t be good. Lord willing, I’ll be back next week with a few more entries.

And Then A Game Of Fizzbin Broke Out

Another week came and when with the job – the training was supposed to have been completed by now, but that has had the need to be extended. About half of the training class left, but I am still there.

I’m encountering the same difficulties I did in 2015 when I physically worked at the 24/7 In Touch job at their physical call center,, even though I don’t have to leave home to do the job. Training is very rigorous, and there’s a lot to remember – and it can even bog down those who are more computer literate, like I envision myself as being.

The job reminds me of the “Fizzbin” game Captain Kirk makes up in an episode of Star Trek. As was the case five years ago, I’m wondering what happens if I can’t grasp the complexities of the job. Five years ago, there were other avenues and venues to explore, and anyone could explore them.

Here in 2020 with COVID still hanging in there, there are too many unknowns. Five years ago, I had the choice not to play out the hand. Now, I pretty much have to – not knowing what will be around in a few months, and what won’t be.