And Then A Game Of Fizzbin Broke Out

Another week came and when with the job – the training was supposed to have been completed by now, but that has had the need to be extended. About half of the training class left, but I am still there.

I’m encountering the same difficulties I did in 2015 when I physically worked at the 24/7 In Touch job at their physical call center,, even though I don’t have to leave home to do the job. Training is very rigorous, and there’s a lot to remember – and it can even bog down those who are more computer literate, like I envision myself as being.

The job reminds me of the “Fizzbin” game Captain Kirk makes up in an episode of Star Trek. As was the case five years ago, I’m wondering what happens if I can’t grasp the complexities of the job. Five years ago, there were other avenues and venues to explore, and anyone could explore them.

Here in 2020 with COVID still hanging in there, there are too many unknowns. Five years ago, I had the choice not to play out the hand. Now, I pretty much have to – not knowing what will be around in a few months, and what won’t be.

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