Hello Square One, I’ve Missed You!

Well, I’m out of work again. I’ll get into what happened at 24/7 and how that story ended up (Hint: it went much the way it did in 2015) when I get my final pay from them.

July (and early August) was a reminder to me of how some things changed in the work place, and how some things are worse than ever before.

First, let’s visit the Walmart job again. I’m no longer that because I caught a runny nose the morning after my first day there. They wanted me isolated, which I did – while getting the other job at 24/7 In Touch that I could do from home. They (Walmart) threw me the idea of getting paid for the time I had to miss, provided I stayed there – in the form of a one-time benefit. Without giving me the idea of what that benefit payment would be, I passed on it.

Walmart didn’t want me to better myself by going somewhere else – but if I’m getting runny noses and constantly missing work due to only that, I am of no use to them anyway.

Relatives think I may have Asperger syndrome. I suppose it is possible. I’ll get into what happened at 24/7 next week or the week after that – but I’m beginning to see our world a bit differently.

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