The Trouble With 24/7

Maybe Albert Einstein is right, and I need to realize it – doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is insanity.

So here’s the skinny of my 24/7 redux of the past month: I don’t recommend going there. I nearly passed on orientation day, to be honest with you – because I was told the day of orientation and the day I picked up the computer equipment would be seperate days. With no notice, they reduced my notice to only a few hours where I had to pick up the equipment – so reluctantly, off I went.

I trained for eight weekdays – and I began to notice similarities between training in 2015 and training in the here and now. They tell you it’s a doable job, while reminding you of how impossible it all sounds simultaneously. They want you to be accurate – but they also want seemingly impossible speed out of you. They tell you what to write down after they already mentioned what to write down, so you’re constantly asking for what it was that was just said.

They also don’t allow you to simulate the conditions of the calls with any degree of realism, kind of like how a telemarketing organization would do. I doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would take a larger than normal young man and ask him to play offensive tackle the next day – and you wouldn’t send men into space without simulating the conditions that would happen, or could happen.

What I got out of 24/7 is that it’s no skin off their nose for you to fail – they want you to go elsewhere, because they still make money by you not ever making it to the optimal pay rate. Or, maybe you thought this was your dream job and you signed up for the healthcare they offer? Well, I didn’t. You’d think I’d learn this the first time out, and I didn’t. Oh, well.

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