Must I Be So Blasted Honest?

The Walmart job has still yet to resume for me.

In our wonderful era of COVID, I have to take screenings on a phone app. When I did so Monday night, they asked if I had vomited in the prior ten days. About a week ago on August 20th, I woke up with a bad reaction to something – food from the prior night or maybe something else.

I can go years between vomits, and I’ve probably gone Presidential terms without doing so. But unluckily for me, I upchucked twice that day. I reported it honestly in the app.

Now I may need to see a doctor to prove I don’t have COVID – even though I don’t have COVID. But get a runny nose and vomit six weeks apart, and this is what the hypochondriac world we live in leads us to believe.

There has to be a way where honesty is rewarded and dishonesty isn’t. This Walmart COVID policy seems to do the reverse. If you hide your illnesses, you might get away with doing so until you can’t – therefore, this can’t end well for them.

2 thoughts on “Must I Be So Blasted Honest?”

  1. Yes, I would not have been honest on that question. But at least you get a free covid test and then can start. Good luck to you.

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