If You’re Going To Let Me Call Plays, At Least Give Me The Right Playbook

I’m beyond frustrated right now – as I had to let go of the new job I was to have at Datalot.

There was a problem with the training process that I was having that wasn’t getting addressed in a timely manner. They gave us a training manual for how to run their computerized system that wasn’t the same as the one the trainer had. To paraphrase, it was like giving a quarterback a playbook that had the pages missing that contained the plays that a team would mostly likely tun. It was 95 percent the same – but not completely the same.

How was I supposed to represent this company not knowing the exact procedures to be deployed? I asked for the correct guide after the training, and I was promised that I would get it. The following morning, it’s still not there – so I ask for it again. With an hour left before training, I finally get the correct manual.

I felt by that point, damage had been done – and I chose to discontinue the training. I had to stand up for myself – nobody else was going to. The trainer E-mailed me and basically said the procedures were guidelines, and I didn’t even respond to it. As a trainee, how do I know that to be true?

So now I need employment, I need it fast, and I need it bad. Thank you, Datalot. Thank you ever so much, he said sarcastically.

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