Weights And Measures

The weight of what I’m going through, and collectively what we’re all going through just hit me. At least it did so on a Saturday morning in my home, with only my cat’s purrs there for support.

It is too easy in a time like this to lose confidence and hope in who you are and what one tries to achieve. This year of 2020 has tested us like no other time in most of our lives. It makes the trials and tribulations of 1968 pale by comparison.

As for me, I might wind up a bit better off. I have an interview on Monday for another full time job opportunity that can be done remotely. Doors are still opening when doors are closing, so there’s that at least.

I will plead for you all to go vote on Tuesday, no matter your choices. I will also plead for there not to be violence despite the outcome or what it might appear to be.

I still believe in our country and the prospect of a new world a few mornings from now.

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