Go Quietly Into A Good New Year

Usually I do predictions at the start of the new year – I’m thinking of not doing that as we head into 2021.

No one wants to remember 2020/

No one wants to predict 2021. I certainly don’t like what I’m seeing – the likelihood of a civil war regardless of who becomes President on January 20th.

Regardless of the political rhetoric – I’m sorry, but not every Democrat is evil. Not every Republican is evil, either.

I can only hope our country can come together with good intentions, but that seems the least likely event right now.

My Left Foot

No, I don’t want to go to the doctor about it. But I have about a nickel sized skin crack in my left foot.

I’ve been having foot trouble since the start of last year when I had a smaller skin crack in my left big toe. Putting Eucerin lotion and Neosporin on it seemed to help immensely, and within a month or two, the crack was gone. I’m hoping taking a similar approach here also works.

My concern about going to the doctor is a simple one – I’m uninsured. If they see someone with foot trouble, they will no doubt check and see what else could be wrong, and I don’t have the money to run up the bar tab.

For now, it’s wait and see time. If things get more serious, the strategies will be altered.

The Great Pool Party Of 1978

Photo by Nick Bondarev on Pexels.com

I’m trying to remember what stories I’ve told on this blog, and the stories I haven’t told yet. For one reason or another, this story is on my conscience.

As Sophia would say on the Golden Girls, picture it: the Tampa Bay area of Florida, 1978. My family is throwing a get together one summer day for some friends who are colleagues at Publix – where my Mom and Dad work. One of my dad’s closest colleagues is a bigwig at Publix. My dad and him got along well, despite the different rungs of the corporate ladder they had.

“The Bigwig” (or so shall I call him on here) had a much younger wife, probably in her 20’s in 1978 as the others there were in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. She was a very shapely brunette who got noticed in bathing trunks, let’s just put it that way – especially a two-piece bikini. We’re all in the pool together on a late Sunday afternoon, and I’m swimming around thinking everything is normal – but then again, I’m just shy of seven years of age when what was about to happen happened.

I’m not too far away from “The Bigwig’s Wife” when some of the men start conspiring behind her. A plan was hatched, and I see one part of The Wife’s two piece bikini disappear – much to the amusement of everyone else. The Wife’s breasts were now dangling about, above average in size – all a few feet away from me. She was a bit shocked, and so was I. My mother very quickly asked me to leave the pool and go watch something on TV, and I complied – though I remember being suspicious of whatever was going on that I couldn’t figure out.

I was told many years later that the adults had to get me out of the way – so that the other woman in the group could also remove their tops without the risk of the incident warping my life somehow. It probably explains why that particular part of a woman is and has always seemed to be my favorite body part.

One More Year?

Nine years ago, I started this blog. My goals were to do 2,000 posts and to do a blog entry in 2020, both of which I’ve now done. My third and last goal is to do this blog for ten years.

You may have noticed lately my entries have slowed down. In the era of COVID and an ever widening political divide that I deeply regret may lead to civil war, it’s tougher to find things to talk about that doesn’t piss off half my audience – or make you think, “Oh. He’s one of THOSE people.”

Thank you for reading the story so far. I’m thinking I have a little ways to go yet.