A Super Day Unlike Any Other

It happened!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made history tonight, defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-26 to go to the 55th Super Bowl in two weeks. As of press time, we have yet to know who they play – it will either be the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs. The very stadium that the Bucs play in, Raymond James Stadium, hosts this year’s Super Bowl, the 55th one – making the Bucs the first team to literally host their own big game.

After the game, I felt like Walter Cronkite when Apollo 11 landed on the moon – I was speechless. For me, that’s not a common occurrence. I’ve been a Bucs fan all my life. Even with the acquisition of arguably the best quarterback ever in Tom Brady, I didn’t see the Buccaneers being this good this quickly.

A great moment for the Tampa Bay area, and these next two weeks are going to be crazy with the national spotlight being on the Buccaneers to win their own Super Bowl, now that they have gotten to host one.

Turn The Page

We get a new President today.

I root not against our country, so I hope Joe Biden is able to succeed. I hope he can unite a deeply divided land. He has that power and I hope he uses it for good, not evil.

As for the outgoing President, I thank him for his service and for arguably being one of the better single-term Presidents ever. There are rumors of him starting a third party, which may offset plans by the Democrats for the eventual abolition of the Electoral College.

I will continue to hope for Law biding Trump voters not to be punished or shunned. They merely, as Gandhi said, wanted to be the change they wish to see.

I’m hopeful every inaugural day. It’s like the opening day of your favorite sport. The slate is clean, and so should the political slate be this January 20th of 2021.

Time to turn that page.

Buccaneers Seeking More Treasure

As I have been mentioning, there has been happiness in our area amidst all the sadness the COVID pandemic continues to cause.

This was the first stretch of sporting seasons where the Lightning (who won the Stanley Cup), the Rays (who made the World Series), and Buccaneers all made the playoffs of their respective leagues. After the Bucs defeated the Saints 30-20 in the NFC Divisional Playoff last night (essentially the quarterfinal round of the Super Bowl, for those of you who follow less casually), the Bucs stand a win away from playing in the Super Bowl – which would also make this the first stretch of seasons where all three teams made the finals of their respective sports.

Even more interesting is that if the Bucs win, they go down in history as the first team to host their own Super Bowl. The 1979 Rams and 1984 49ers have come the closest to the fear so far – playing their Super Bowls in nearby stadiums. But a team hosting their own Big Game has only ever occurred in fiction. (The Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait comes to mind.)

Interesting times for sure in this area, though I wonder if the average sports fan appreciates how fortunate of a time this is.

The Hometown Football League

I completed my first major sporting project last night – something called the Home Town Football League. I thought I would share it on my “normie” blog.

Back in the spring when we were first dealing with the seemingly unfathomable changes in the sporting world due to the virus, I came up with this idea. Instead of taking the best players of all-time and putting them on mythological NFL all-time franchises, why not divvy up the all time greats for the cities they represented?

So, the HTFL was born. At first, I did every game that I could barring any technical issues. By the fall I cut back in order to complete the project – first to 10 games of the week (showing box scores and recapping the games I didn’t do videos of), then five to get the project in step with the real NFL schedule.

Eight months later and 200-plus videos canned, the project was completed. I am hoping to do a second season in the fall, with a new twist to it. But here’s the playlist of all the videos I put together, if anyone is interested.

Here’s Where Things Get Ugly

The aftermath of the riot at the United States Capitol building on Wednesday has left us with more questions than answers. The chief question not getting answered at the present time: who were the attackers? Were they Trump supporters, or impostors dressed as such – or could both be true?

Social media platforms have now banned the President from using their auspices, and in turn – I have deactivated one of my Twitter accounts in response. The President has the right to defend himself, especially considering the flimsiness of the evidence against him. Now is not the time to for social media to behave like parents who think they know what happened to their children to the point where they don’t want to hear their pleas.

You can’t heal as a nation with one side not wanting to hear the other.

Now the Democrats want to impeach Mr. Trump a second time to ensure his disqualification from re-election in 2024. It’s very unlikely at this point that he will be kicked out of office before his term expires.

I strongly disagree with any notion of going after those who voted Trump in 2016, 2020, or on both occasions. We did not know the events of January 6, 2021 were going to happen until they did. It is bad enough that we will have to pay higher taxes and be subject to laws that will prove unconstitutional. But those are the consequences both sides agreed to – those were the stakes.

I will go on living life the best that I can – despite the ongoing ugliness.


Who knew when this day began that it would turn out to be one of the darkest days in modern American history?

Congress was in the middle of a debate to the matter of resolving the Electoral College when all hell broke loose this afternoon. This was after Vice President Mike Pence refused to rule in favor of President Trump, ensuring the victory of Joe Biden and his installation at President.

Protesters, said to be supporters of the current president (though I wonder how hard would it be to take members of Antifa and other groups and make them look as such), then stormed the inside of the Capitol building itself – something many thought impossible prior today. One woman was shot dead inside the building, others injured, leaving the building somewhat defaced. It wound up being operable by the evening, and the debate continued after a nearly six hour delay.

Note that I didn’t call Joe Biden the 46th President. It is looking increasingly likely, with lots of blame for today’s attack on the Capitol put at the foot of the President, that Mr. Trump may be removed before the expiration of his term January 20th. If so, Mike Pence would be (I think) the 46th President, though his term would be the shortest in US history at a length of less than two weeks.

I have expressed on this blog my support of Mr. Trump over the years. But I cannot condone violence regardless of who does it and for whatever purpose it serves. The first question we need to answer about today’s events is who were the actual instigators? Once you find that answer, you can then see who egged these people on.

All in all, it’s a sad way to end this democratic experiment the Donald Trump presidency wound up being. Let us hope today was all the damage that was done – and even this price was way too steep.

Scenes From The Second Stimulus

According to the latest from the Internal Revenue Service, I get my second stimulus check mailed to me January 6 – meaning I should get it on the 8th or 9th. It will be half of what I got last time – $600 as opposed to $1,200, despite many of us needing the money now more than ever.

For their unique brand of tone deafness, I blame both sides, Republicans and Democrats for this – but not our outgoing President, who seemed ahead of the political curve. Nancy Pelosi, who will once again be House Speaker, played her game of “stall ball” up to the elections – and now Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is playing a four corner offense afterwards. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were in cahoots to use this crisis to destroy the middle class.

The COVID saga goes on into 2021 with new strains of the virus found – and restrictions becoming more frequent in parts of the world, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom. This is worth watching, because what happens there usually winds up happening here later.

I’m probably not the only human being on this planet that this never happened, or that this pandemic would go away. I miss life before COVID, and I seriously doubt I’m not the only one.

For Yonder Breaks A New And Glorious Morn

In a world where everything seems to be happening on a day to day basis, it’s easy to lose sight of the need of a new calendar. As I write this, it’s the second day of 2021, the year of our Lord.

I just wanted a quiet set of holidays – and for the most part, that’s what I got. Mission accomplished.

I’m waiting on that $600 of stimulus money that’s hitting bank accounts and mailboxes. I’m sure I will get mine this coming week. Like many Americans, I believe the stimulus should have been even more as the President wanted, but some stingy rich Republicans decided to play Scrooge against his wishes. I guess they easily forget that there are Republican voters that aren’t filthy rich like Mitch McConnell is and could use the help.

Mr. Biden will be President in two and a half weeks barring something unforeseen at the electoral college ceremonies – and even Republicans like the treacherous McConnell want to move on from the evidence of obvious voting fraud mentioned. That begs the question: if there’s fraud and no one mentions it, is it still fraud? But hey, maybe Biden can cram open the pocket books and give crumbs to us peasants.

I hope you know me well enough to know that I think there are sons of the wild jackass in BOTH parties – who don’t want to see the left and the right come together. They all benefit by Mr. Trump’s departure.

My left foot that I had mentioned a few weeks back seems to be getting better with the help of adhesive gauze pads and hydrogen peroxide. The skin around the wound is hardening, so I’m hoping it heals in the weeks and months ahead.

There was one good thing locally in 2020: the Bucs, Lightning, and Rays all made their respective playoffs – the first time that’s ever happened here. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the Rays made the World Series – and we’ll wait and see what treasures the Buccaneers bring.

Let’s try and make 2021 a good year – it can’t get any worse than 2020, right?