Who knew when this day began that it would turn out to be one of the darkest days in modern American history?

Congress was in the middle of a debate to the matter of resolving the Electoral College when all hell broke loose this afternoon. This was after Vice President Mike Pence refused to rule in favor of President Trump, ensuring the victory of Joe Biden and his installation at President.

Protesters, said to be supporters of the current president (though I wonder how hard would it be to take members of Antifa and other groups and make them look as such), then stormed the inside of the Capitol building itself – something many thought impossible prior today. One woman was shot dead inside the building, others injured, leaving the building somewhat defaced. It wound up being operable by the evening, and the debate continued after a nearly six hour delay.

Note that I didn’t call Joe Biden the 46th President. It is looking increasingly likely, with lots of blame for today’s attack on the Capitol put at the foot of the President, that Mr. Trump may be removed before the expiration of his term January 20th. If so, Mike Pence would be (I think) the 46th President, though his term would be the shortest in US history at a length of less than two weeks.

I have expressed on this blog my support of Mr. Trump over the years. But I cannot condone violence regardless of who does it and for whatever purpose it serves. The first question we need to answer about today’s events is who were the actual instigators? Once you find that answer, you can then see who egged these people on.

All in all, it’s a sad way to end this democratic experiment the Donald Trump presidency wound up being. Let us hope today was all the damage that was done – and even this price was way too steep.

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