Turn The Page

We get a new President today.

I root not against our country, so I hope Joe Biden is able to succeed. I hope he can unite a deeply divided land. He has that power and I hope he uses it for good, not evil.

As for the outgoing President, I thank him for his service and for arguably being one of the better single-term Presidents ever. There are rumors of him starting a third party, which may offset plans by the Democrats for the eventual abolition of the Electoral College.

I will continue to hope for Law biding Trump voters not to be punished or shunned. They merely, as Gandhi said, wanted to be the change they wish to see.

I’m hopeful every inaugural day. It’s like the opening day of your favorite sport. The slate is clean, and so should the political slate be this January 20th of 2021.

Time to turn that page.

4 thoughts on “Turn The Page”

  1. “I will continue to hope for Law biding Trump voters not to be punished or shunned. They merely, as Gandhi said, wanted to be the change they wish to see.”

    Well in that case, why only the law-abiding Trump voters? The law-breaking ones merely wanted to be the change they wished to see, too. (And Gandhi wasn’t law-abiding either.)

    1. True. There was obviously some people who crossed on the line on January 6th. The media didn’t really point out their political loyalties, nor made the point of doing so – it’s been all assumed for the most part.

      My problem with this is we will probably never know (unless it was touched upon today and I missed it) what DJT knew before the rioting. I don’t see how he or his people couldn’t have known he was walking right into a trap even in a best case scenario.

      1. They’ve been discussing it all day. It’s been the central point of the impeachment managers’ argument, and frankly the argument is pretty damning that Trump not only knew that violence was likely but deliberately took advantage ot that knowledge.

        It’s absolutely wrong that the media didn’t point out their political loyalties though, or that it was just assumed. There’s no shortage of reporting that traced video and social media posts from inside the capitol, to loud-and-proud Trump supporters. Indeed, the rioters themselves bragged about both their love of Trump and their storming of the Capitol. Anyone who tells you there’s any doubt about their political loyalties is lying—either to you, to themselves, or both.

  2. That’s the point I’m getting to, more or less. If he knew of an Antifa plot ongoing, I don’t get how he doesn’t call off the march to the Capitol. Saying he was going to go to the Capitol and then not going proves he knew something was up. I was a supporter of his, but that ended on January 6 – he’s guilty on this one.

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