Review: “The Best Is Yet To Come”

The last time Bonnie had an American release, the year was 1996 – and I discovered the “Free Spirit” album at a Tower Records store in Atlanta. Here in 2021, I got to hear her newest album laying in bed one minute after it was released on February 26th. Technology – it’s a good thing.

This is the third such album review I’ve done of hers – having covered her last two releases in 2013 and 2019. My early impressions of this 2021 entry is that this is one of her best works in years.

How good is it? I can’t recommend a single track to you – they’re all outstanding. Really enjoyed the 1980’s feel the album had, sounding like the album you should have in your eyes playing Grand Theft Auto or some similar video game.

One of Bonnie’s trademarks is that at least one her tracks on her album is a cover – in fact, her 2003 album Heart Strings (which can be found on iTunes and other music streams) is an album entirely composed of covers. For this 2021 effort, Bonnie chose “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc and “Catch The Wind” from Donavan.

“I’m Not In Love” blew my doors off and was probably my favorite track if I had to pick just one – but I’m partial to her covers, personally.

Almost two months into 2021 – and for good or bad, this has already been the year of the improbable between the tragic Capitol Riots, the freakish cold spell that hit Texas, and the Buccaneers coming out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Seems only fitting that American comeback I’ve been predicting for a few years now just might happen.

When Wally World Comes To You

I don’t go to the store anymore.

The store comes to me.

The need for this began in the waning days of 2020. My mother had fallen in her kitchen, but fortunately for me – didn’t need to go to the hospital. She didn’t want to drive to the store for a while, and right around that time we each got our most recent stimulus checks. Another such check is on the way in the coming weeks as I type this in late February.

At first I tried Publix and their Instacart service. Unless you have their yearly subscription, you have to lay out an additional 100 dollars or so that they temporarily hold on your debit card.

When I briefly worked at Walmart in 2020, they were talking about doing grocery deliveries. Sometime between then and now, that went online.

If you want a delivery, there’s a 10 dollar or so delivery fee, but signing up with Walmart Plus, you pay about 13 dollars a month as I type this. (These are rough guesses as I type this in February 2021 – if you see this months or years later, prices may change.)

It works fairly well for me, and I’m sure they’ll get better procedure wise as it evolves. I do find one drawback: if there’s an item you need and it’s unavailable and there’s no substitute for it, you’re crap out of luck. If you really need something, get two types of it. There’s less chance of not getting it that way.

For example, I get Harry two types of cat treats. If one flavor isn’t available, you still have that other one that you got. If you get both, you don’t have to worry about it the next time.

It’s a good service. It just needs to work out it’s kinks a bit.

That Whole Dream, Prediction And Vision Thing

I think we all have dreams or visions in our lives that come to pass. You dream often enough about enough things, sooner or later you hit something. I don’t see myself as gifted or more gifted than anyone else.

The most recent example of this in my life is the Buccaneers winning a Super Bowl at home – I had that vision in 1983. I just thought other teams would beat the Bucs to it and do it first.

I used to be good predicting how well a pop song would do in the charts listening to the song for the first time. “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler was the first song that gave that vibe. “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys in 1986 was the last.

I had visions in the 80s about some day in the future hitting a few buttons on a device and hearing a radio station in Toronto, or a TV station in Ireland. What they now call video editing – that was something else that I had daydreams in my youth about, long before it came to be.

But like I say, I have no idea how good I am at all of this. I can’t be that good at it only being able to cite a few examples of this.

Talent Returned To God

This 17th of February 2021 brought the sad news that Rush Limbaugh had left us at the age of 70.

Along with Howard Stern, Rush has a household name from the radio profession these past few decades. I had the good luck to listen to Rush’s first show carried here in Tampa on WFLA. I was a few weeks shy of turning 18 in the summer of 1989, working at a microfilm company in Clearwater at the time.

I listened to the show with headphones on while working – and even at that age I thought he was a talent. If someone has ability, opinions don’t matter too much.

Anyone who can make it in the radio business has my respect, for it’s not an easy life for most of those in it. I will always have respect for his professionalism, and I thank God for loaning him that talent – as he often said on his shows.

Patriotic Socks

I’ve mentioned a few weeks back that I’ve had trouble with my left foot. Complicating matters is the fact I have to wear socks almost at all times. Except in the shower, because who does that?

On second thought, never mind. If being naked and wearing socks is a thing, I’d have to imagine showering and wearing socks is also a thing.

Anyway, toenails grow – and wearing socks deceases your awareness of this. The sharper nails cut into the socks, meaning you have to replace said socks.

That brings me to the discovery that Walmart has gotten into the delivery game – as everyone seems to be in the COVID era. Instead of going to the store, the store comes to you – with small fees.

Recently I discovered you can get socks in such manner. What I didn’t realize was that they were Top Gun socks, as in the 1980’s movie. You know – Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, and Berlin singing Take My Breath Away before Jessica Simpson got to it.

Hence, the story of my patriotic socks.

The Ghosts Of January 6

The second impeachment of the now former President Trump is going on – and it’s proving to be another fruitless exercise in the land of this alternate universe where two Americas for the most part peacefully coexist.

It’s becoming clear to me that the Democrats will stop at nothing to slay the demon they view as the former President – and to them that this is a political version of the movie The Exorcist. I don’t get the need for a second impeachment if the invocation of the third section of the 14th Amendment would do the same thing.

Conversely, I don’t condone the events of the day – I just wonder if Pence decided to side with the then President that if the same thing would have happened in reverse, or worse. The former President should be held responsible for the events of the day – but given the atmosphere where someone would have been very unhappy with whatever decision came up, a censure would have been more appropriate.

You can’t have a system in our country where there is justice for one side, but never for another side. Rules for me, but not for thee. I’m disappointed more facts weren’t gathered and that there’s this rush to judgement. If the powers that be don’t get this right, the inevitability is it happens again.

And I don’t want to see this ever happen again.

The Bucs Knew How To Shine

Simply the best, better than all the rest.

Being a Tampa Bay sports fan right now is a gift that keeps on giving. Now the Buccaneers have repeated their 2003 feat, besting the Kansas City Chiefs to win the 55th Super Bowl 31-9. For the first time – Tampa Bay has two champions simultaneously: the Lightning, who won the Stanley Cup in September, and now the Bucs.

The big surprise last night in the Bucs championship was the game wasn’t close most of the way – and none of the football experts saw that coming.

It was a Super Bowl like none of the others – for one, it was a home game in the strictest of senses for one of the teams. Plus, the ongoing COVID pandemic limited attendance to the game to 22,000 fans and 30,000 cardboard cut outs of fans.

If the Buccaneer management keeps the team together, I could easily see the Bucs being contenders a year or two more. The defense grew by leaps and bounds in the waning games of the 2020-21 campaign. If they hit their stride as I think they might, the Bucs might not need much of an offense beyond the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tom Brady – now a holder of SEVEN Super Bowls.

If you had told me 20 years ago that there would be a guy who competed in ten Super Bowls and won seven of them, I would have thought you were crazy. When Brady retires – they shouldn’t wait to put him in the Hall of Fame. Give him the bust and the yellow jacket right away.

It’s so weird to see each of the Tampa Bay sports repeat almost exactly their greatest accomplishments all within a five years span.

Now, it’s the Lightning’s turn to break the cycle. So far they’ve won all but two of their games – so perhaps they can become the first Tampa Bay team to win two championships in a row.

Living The Dream


#duet with @bonnietylerofficial living the dream…

♬ Originalton – Bonnie Tyler

This was probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life – but it’s not like I couldn’t handle the role, having heard the song three-quarters of my life.

Through the magic of Tik Tok, I had the honor of playing Rory Dodd’s role in the Bonnie Tyler 80’s power ballad – yes, I know you know of it. Bonnie has yet another album coming out later this month (which I hope to review sometime this year) – her 18th album over 44 years.

One single from the album, “When The Lights Go Down”, can be found on YouTube and other places – so this interactivity on TikTok might wind up being a good promotional tool.

There was another video where Bonnie does the “Turn around” part and the user (in this case, me) does the remainder of the lyrics. Instead, I chose the simple option of six lines and fourteen words. But to me, this is like catching a pass from Tom Brady – if you get the chance to do it, you do it.