Living The Dream


#duet with @bonnietylerofficial living the dream…

♬ Originalton – Bonnie Tyler

This was probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life – but it’s not like I couldn’t handle the role, having heard the song three-quarters of my life.

Through the magic of Tik Tok, I had the honor of playing Rory Dodd’s role in the Bonnie Tyler 80’s power ballad – yes, I know you know of it. Bonnie has yet another album coming out later this month (which I hope to review sometime this year) – her 18th album over 44 years.

One single from the album, “When The Lights Go Down”, can be found on YouTube and other places – so this interactivity on TikTok might wind up being a good promotional tool.

There was another video where Bonnie does the “Turn around” part and the user (in this case, me) does the remainder of the lyrics. Instead, I chose the simple option of six lines and fourteen words. But to me, this is like catching a pass from Tom Brady – if you get the chance to do it, you do it.

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