When Wally World Comes To You

I don’t go to the store anymore.

The store comes to me.

The need for this began in the waning days of 2020. My mother had fallen in her kitchen, but fortunately for me – didn’t need to go to the hospital. She didn’t want to drive to the store for a while, and right around that time we each got our most recent stimulus checks. Another such check is on the way in the coming weeks as I type this in late February.

At first I tried Publix and their Instacart service. Unless you have their yearly subscription, you have to lay out an additional 100 dollars or so that they temporarily hold on your debit card.

When I briefly worked at Walmart in 2020, they were talking about doing grocery deliveries. Sometime between then and now, that went online.

If you want a delivery, there’s a 10 dollar or so delivery fee, but signing up with Walmart Plus, you pay about 13 dollars a month as I type this. (These are rough guesses as I type this in February 2021 – if you see this months or years later, prices may change.)

It works fairly well for me, and I’m sure they’ll get better procedure wise as it evolves. I do find one drawback: if there’s an item you need and it’s unavailable and there’s no substitute for it, you’re crap out of luck. If you really need something, get two types of it. There’s less chance of not getting it that way.

For example, I get Harry two types of cat treats. If one flavor isn’t available, you still have that other one that you got. If you get both, you don’t have to worry about it the next time.

It’s a good service. It just needs to work out it’s kinks a bit.

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