Scenes From The Third Stimulus

Photo by John Guccione on

Uncle Sam is giving most of us some more money once again. If you have an account with one the big banks, that day is likely tomorrow. If you have an account with a not so big bank, check your account – as it already may be there/

I think it’s very unlikely there will be a fourth check – because one of two things likely happen. One, we recover from the COVID virus and life goes back to normal in some fashion. The other possibility: all the variants of the virus outrun the vaccines (and the reports of problems with them as has been evidenced in Europe), and we all wind up on some sort of a basic monthly universal income due to a mass economic crash and/or unemployment.

I have no idea which of the two scenarios – mainly because what’s normally predictable in our society has been anything but as of late. We are essentially guinea pigs used to stimulate the economy, and if those in charge don’t like how the experiment goes, there are no more experiments.

All I can do is put the money to good use the best that I can. There is a lot of hope out there this spring of 2021 – but maybe we’re just seeing what we want to see and not the reality of what’s out there.

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