It’s That Time Again

With that stimulus money rolling in, I figured it was time to get a newer phone. And so, my white gold iPhone 6 (white gold is actually pink by the way) was retired and an iPhone SE has come my way.

Getting a new phone is a pain in the butt, because they give you a SIM card and you have to put that in the box phone. They give a device to jam into a small hole into the phone so the card socket pops out. You then put the tiny card in to the socket and pop it into the phone.

The problem is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds, and a lot could go wrong and often does. I wish the phone manufacturers such as Straight Talk could come up with an easier way to do this. I imagine someone out there preloads the phones or you go to the stores and the employee does it there.

If a small detail goes wrong, it becomes a giant headache.

On the whole, the phone works great. You have to find a bunch of passwords – usually I keep those on Chrome. But once all that is done, it’s like your old phone never existed.

Unless you see it in your dresser drawer next to all the other phones you’ve used.

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