Just Another Moral Paradox

It was announced this morning of April 13 that one of the companies making COVID vaccines, Johnson and Johnson, is being halted due to concerns of blood clotting.

That’s the vaccine that Walmart was offering that was a one shot process – that I would have gotten in the next week or so.

I don’t want to sound like a tin-foil anti-vaxxer here, but I’d stay away from getting these shots if you can get away with doing so, at least for now. In my personal life and travels, I don’t know of anyone who is or has tested positive for COVID.

But that’s my life – your mileage may vary a bit or a lot.

The other big question in my mind is that these strains popping up all over the world may have the ability to make any of the vaccines out there now ineffective.

I’m sure that conscience of our country will put public pressure on us to get the shots just as they did with the masks. I just don’t want to be the fool who rushes in where mortals fear to dread.

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