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I guess I’m getting older.

Yesterday, I had Walmart deliver groceries to the house as has been our wont as of late. Usually Friday is a rough day to get a delivery from Walmart, but they came on time yesterday.

The woman who delivered the stuff was wearing the female equivalent of a tank top. She had tattoos below the neck, spreading out to her shoulders. I’m personally not a tattoo guy, but I can’t help but notice it’s something in society I am seeing more and more of.

Something else I was seeing more and more of was her cleavage as she bended down. If I were in my 20’s and 30’s, I probably would have noted what she was trying to, unintentionally or not, show me. From what I’ve seen and noticed in my life – guys are like that when that particular moment arises, no matter how we try and deny it.

Now that I’m almost three months shy of 50 – I did the more prudent thing. I shied away from getting the blueprint of her bosom and or her nipples.

As I was putting the groceries away, I noted the change in my approach and had a sense of pride about myself most of the day.

Invasion Of The Hoochie Mamas

It’s one of those things in life where I don’t know what I’m doing right, but whatever.

I get loads of followers on Instagram for some reason. They’re usually what I call “Instagram hoochie mamas” showing off the endowments God gave them, or a plastic surgeon of some relative skill.

That I don’t mind.

What bugs me is every time I go on IG to follow back those who follow me – I get messaged. Now a days, I can’t go more than a couple of minutes without the hoochie mamas buzzing me.

Just as I simply turn off the ringer on my phones thanks to the scams they represent, I simply mute the buttinskys in IG. And that fixes that.

The Best Way To Win Is Not To Play

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

One of the topics that have been a constant in the history of this blog is how to deal with spam callers. I’ve come to the conclusion, much like the Joshua computer in Wargames – that the best way to win is not to play.

I’ve suspected in recent months that the scams are interrelated. If you say no the police benevolent association you’ve never heard of until they call you – suddenly a teachers group you’ve never heard of calls you.

If a car warranty company you never heard of calls you and doesn’t get your money – they pass you off to a collection company claiming you owe them money.

If the debt relief company with voices sounding like they come from India don’t get your money, suddenly people claiming they’re from Amazon call you – who also sound like they are from India.

If our government – regardless of who runs it – won’t offer suitable protection from these scams, the best move is not to answer our phones. The people I do business with and the people who are my friends and family will no doubt understand.

The ringer is off – and I’m looking forward to a more peaceful existence.

While I’m Waiting For A Pizza…

Life is good for me right now – which makes me wonder when things will get bad again. It’s not that I’m always a skeptic – I just realize things may be too good to be true. I’m wondering where the hitch is going to come from.

I usually get Papa John’s Pizza for my mother on Sundays. She’s slowly slipping away more and more. The other day, she got into a panic seeing an early season tropical disturbance candidate spinning in the Western Gulf. She thought it was coming our way until I showed her the radar on the phone, showing the closest rain in Louisiana.

She loves watching the Rays games, especially on the weekend afternoons. Her spirits have risen as of late with the Rays piling up a spurt of runs, and wins to go along with it.

But alas, there will come that day when she’ll see her husband again when she leaves the living world. I’m just trying to get ready for it. Mentally, I think I’m pretty much there. Emotionally – that’s the tougher road.

It’s A Gas

The big story this week (and probably the next few days) was that hackers got into the oil pipeline that serves most of the US East Coast, causing shortages and hikes of gas prices. The hackers demanded ransom, which was paid by Colonial to keep the crisis minimized in terms of it’s length.

I have no moral to this story, either political or otherwise. I’m not going to say it’s something that never happens again – it probably will in some other form.

Let’s just be fortunate that it’s over with. Had the crisis continued on, it would have been the proverbial snowfall going downhill – eventually resembling something out of Hollywood.

The Hobbyist

Everyone has a hobby – even if the hobby is quirky. As of late, mine has been sports gaming of mainly a low-tech nature.

I’ve been doing such a channel on YouTube to the point where I now have a Facebook group for it. It’s now expanded to board games, which I play on the channel once or twice a week.

A few days ago, I even started interviewing others in the field on a show I call The Meet. Looking forward to building that up.

The winds of change will always blow in ways no one can foresee. For now in terms of this particular hobby, things are running well.