While I’m Waiting For A Pizza…

Life is good for me right now – which makes me wonder when things will get bad again. It’s not that I’m always a skeptic – I just realize things may be too good to be true. I’m wondering where the hitch is going to come from.

I usually get Papa John’s Pizza for my mother on Sundays. She’s slowly slipping away more and more. The other day, she got into a panic seeing an early season tropical disturbance candidate spinning in the Western Gulf. She thought it was coming our way until I showed her the radar on the phone, showing the closest rain in Louisiana.

She loves watching the Rays games, especially on the weekend afternoons. Her spirits have risen as of late with the Rays piling up a spurt of runs, and wins to go along with it.

But alas, there will come that day when she’ll see her husband again when she leaves the living world. I’m just trying to get ready for it. Mentally, I think I’m pretty much there. Emotionally – that’s the tougher road.

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