The Best Way To Win Is Not To Play

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

One of the topics that have been a constant in the history of this blog is how to deal with spam callers. I’ve come to the conclusion, much like the Joshua computer in Wargames – that the best way to win is not to play.

I’ve suspected in recent months that the scams are interrelated. If you say no the police benevolent association you’ve never heard of until they call you – suddenly a teachers group you’ve never heard of calls you.

If a car warranty company you never heard of calls you and doesn’t get your money – they pass you off to a collection company claiming you owe them money.

If the debt relief company with voices sounding like they come from India don’t get your money, suddenly people claiming they’re from Amazon call you – who also sound like they are from India.

If our government – regardless of who runs it – won’t offer suitable protection from these scams, the best move is not to answer our phones. The people I do business with and the people who are my friends and family will no doubt understand.

The ringer is off – and I’m looking forward to a more peaceful existence.

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