Take Me Out To The Virtual Ballgame

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve developed a hobby of playing lower-tech sports games and airing them on YouTube at night, occasionally in the afternoons.

I’ve been wanting to pick up another such game for baseball. Out Of The Park is usually my jam, but I think the only drawback is that it can do everything – and sometimes what you want to with it is too complex.

Enter Action PC Baseball by Dave Koch Sports. One of the things I enjoy with the football games is the historical set, where you can use almost anyone who played in the NFL from 1940 onwards.

The baseball game has a similar set, using anyone who played in the MLB from the game’s inception in 1876. To me that’s the “porn” of these games. How would the best handle the best? How would Gerrit Cole handle Babe Ruth?

Anyway, I enjoy tinkering with these sort of things.

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