The Shot

Actually, I was a day away from getting the COVID vaccine a couple of times in May and June. Each time, I wound up shying away from getting it.

I didn’t shy away from it because I’m some rabid anti-vaccine advocate. I just think in my instance, there’s no need for it. It should be acceptable for the public to be weary of a vaccine rushed out for public consumption in record time.

Keep in mind, getting the vaccine is yet to be a mandate as wearing masks have been. (I also wonder why mask wearing wasn’t challenged simply because making someone wear something isn’t in the Constitution.) Once we get to that point, I’ll re-evaluate the situation.

There’s also no guarantee that once you get the vaccine, you won’t have get other additional shots – or that the vaccine beats variants of the virus.

As the old song goes, fools rush in where mortals fear to tread. I guess that makes me such a mortal.

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