Would You Mind Kicking Someone Else In The Junk For A Minute?

My air conditioning system is either ailing or dying, or both.

I will soon have to decide whether or not to take a vaccine that might not work or become some sort of unvaccinated fugitive. Since getting a vaccine still isn’t a mandate, I’m assuming I have some time yet.

Our Republican lawmakers suddenly want everyone to get vaxed so we don’t have another lockdown – but if people are catching COVID after vaccination, then it’s a dog chasing two tails. Whether or not you get the shot seems somewhat moot.

When we reach zero hour, I’ll make my call. If the call came this moment, I don’t know what I’d do. Flip a coin?

My mother sits nearby – about where’s she’s been as of late with Alzheimer’s. She’s okay with physical tasks – but her memory isn’t all that great.

Going to try to take her on a walk soon.

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