I Got Jabbed

A lot has happened in the past three days. She “escaped” the house (she has Alzheimer’s if you’re just tuning in) and fell outside before I could get to her, whisked away to Northside hospital. Neighbors told me what had occurred. That was Monday.

Tuesday I couldn’t get to her due to a repair commitment at the house. My mom’s sister suggested I get the COVID shots going – as it wound up taking a long time to get her a bed and out of a congested emergency room. Could have been a spike in COVID for all I knew.

I went to Publix to get the Moderna shot, and it was quick and relatively painless. I’m feeling some tiredness and chills today (the day after the shot), so I’m trying to relax.

I was going to stay with her all day yesterday – but while I was there, she was released! Talk about perfect timing. She’s with me again, disoriented from being in the hospital – but she’s getting back to normal.

Amazing, they didn’t give her a COVID shot or ask if she had been vaccinated all that much.

As for me, I probably would have continued to wait had she not had her mishap. I don’t think everyone who hasn’t had the shot yet has bad intentions as the media would now have you think. We all had a choice and the decision was ours, or should have been.

I think this is only going to get wilder as time goes on, and that’s the sad thing.

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