Looking Better Today…

To update you all on my mother, as I left things on a cliffhanger on Tuesday.

I contact the hospital each day, as they don’t allow visitors for patients with COVID, which Mom has – and rightfully so. When I contacted them yesterday, they told me she had been moving around – which in itself was reassuring.

How she got it – that’s an open question. You’d think in the COVID era that before a hospital would take in a patient, they would need to determine whether or not a patient has COVID. One might also think that they would administer COVID vaccines at the hospital – but they don’t do that. It’s strange that I can get two Moderna COVID jabs at Publix, but my mom can’t get one in two trips to the hospital.

Maybe the hospital doesn’t trust the testing – or has a reason not to vaccinate the patients. It’s just an oddity that goes with this odd world we live in. Medical personnel are mandated to get the vaccine in the coming weeks, but the unvaccinated patients can’t get vaccinated unless – they get COVID.

I could go on, but I won’t, It seems our world wants all of us to experience the problems, while simultaneously finding a way not to offer a clear cut solution.

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