An Uneasy Limbo

It’s been a very quiet week on the front of my mother’s health. I thought she would be moved to a facility back here in Pinellas County now that she’s cleared of COVID, but it didn’t materialize as I thought it would.

The facility she’s staying at over in Tampa – well, the switchboard operator always seems to have a reason not to complete the call, or she says she will take a message for so-and-so, and then I’ll never hear from whom I’m trying to contact. Very disturbing and discouraging.

I now haven’t seen my mother in nearly a month. Not only did she catch COVID, but so did a worker at that facility in Tampa.

I watch EWTN every day now from 7-9 in the morning for their rosaries and masses. I use that time to release my feelings and emotions – and every day, that’s a “tank” that needs emptying.

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