Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

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The headline of this October 12, 2021 point to some dark days ahead.

While we have the “bread and circuses” of the Rays stunningly eliminated in the first-round of the MLB playoff crap shoot, or the firing of Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden for a litany of non-politically correct E-mails, I’m watching what’s going on with Southwest Airlines with great interest.

The battle is this: Southwest employees and pilots are mandated to get vaccinated by the recent order of President Biden. Fights are being cancelled all over the country, but the media seems reticent to explain that this is a squabble over getting the jab.

I find the media’s position on this rather amusing. It seems to me like a statistical impossibility to me that employees of some company somewhere wouldn’t attempt a resistance movement.

If it could happen at Southwest, it could happen anywhere – like those in the military refusing the jab. Like the medical profession has in some states like North Carolina and New York.

The White House will blame the unvaccinated for this, and the unvaccinated will gladly accept the blame, chanting Let’s Go Brandon – or something rhyming with Chuck Joe Biden.

Further, if the media is fudging a bit on Southwest – what else aren’t they telling you? Are there similar problems at Target, or McDonald’s, or at a workplace where a small staff could put people at risk?

And the White House will just let it happen, despite it being illogical they can get reelected out of it.

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