Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve been very blessed to find work I can do at home this past week. I don’t want to mention the client other than to say if you know anything about sports betting in parts of the country, you probably know of them. I don’t think they advertise on the football games on Sundays – but they are players in the sports betting game, for sure.

My mother is still in the care facility in Tampa – though I actually saw her this past weekend. Due to her COVID, then a COVID breakout over at this Tampa facility, I wasn’t able to see her in 29 days.

My mother may not remember who I am at all times due to her dementia – but when she saw me, her first words were, “Where the hell have you been?”

All she know was that I wasn’t there, and I thought that might be her reaction. I explained: she had COVID, then the facility had a COVID lockdown, then somewhere around that time I had a bad reaction to the vaccine for about a week…

After a few moments passed, my Mom just sobbed and hugged me.

I will probably bring her home when she’s done with her rehab, even if it’s not advisable. If the rumors are true that there are coming supply shortages, I want her home with me. I don’t want to worry about going to another facility and the possibility that they may have a shortage of food.

If my mother’s time is coming – I want to be with her when it does. When my father died in early 1991, fate didn’t work out for that to happen.

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