And I’m Out…

Actually, I’ve been out for four days already – but who’s counting?

I got released on Monday, November 22nd. I was supposed to have been released today, the 26th.

Now I have five weeks to find a new home, and with no resolution to my foot issues – this is going to be daunting.

The house feels so empty without my mother or Harry in it. Just thought I would throw that in there. While I was in the hospital, my Mom got moved to another facility FARTHER AWAY – which is not what I wanted!

They gave me a machine to test my blood sugar – because it’s confirmed now that I’m a diabetic. (Did I mention that on here?) I can’t get it to function – either the needle doesn’t prick enough blood or I’m doing something wrong with the strips they give me. They also gave minimal instruction on how to use the machine – they had plans to give me more, but in their wisdom, they chose to release me first.

I did have a turkey sandwich for Thanksgiving, but without the blood-sugar machine working properly, I’m trying to eat as little as possible. When I drink it is usually water, and when I eat, it’s usually Chef Boyardee or noodles – or something else as light as possible.

My feet are bandaged – but when I was in the hospital, it got changed out every two or three days. I’m trying to make the bandaging last a week until I can go to the Pinellas Health offices on Monday. I get the sense that’s not going to end well, but again – I got no instruction on how to do my own wrapping. Northside Hospital was too busy giving me the bum’s rush.

So, I’m doing the best I can – or attempting to – with what I had. It’s looking like I am going to need some Christmas miracles, but I probably already used up my quota in recent times.

Noise Or The Prize?

If the estimates of my doctors are correct, I’m ten days shy of going home.

I’m beginning to notice little things going on at the hospital that I feel are efforts to distract me from the final goal of departure. It’s little things like these that make me wonder if the distractions are being put there so that me noting them will be noted by others.

Tonight, I’m on a never ending IV line that’s been dripping into me all night. Most nights, the transfer takes two hours. Tonight, it’s taking six hours plus.

Usually, I have one physical therapy session and a occupational therapy session a day. Yesterday, I wound up with two physical therapy sessions and no occupational therapy.

The day before, someone got the “bright idea” to put a bed alarm on me. If I sat up, alarms would go off and I’d be summoned to lay back down.

Like I said, I feel like I’m being tested. The question is; how do I pass the test?

Life In A Florida Hospital

It’s my 17th day in the hospital. I have somewhere around a week and a half left to go, which gets me out of here around Thanksgiving time.

They work on me nearly around the clock with blood samples, injections, and therapy. They give me elevated shoes for the therapy – both physical and occupational, which is basically a check on self care and how quickly I can get to a self reliant state on that front.

I get my own room and three full meals per day. They even let you replace meals with other options because the meals do get a bit monotonous.

It’s been a nice stay but I’d like it to end sooner rather than later. My Mom is in an ALF in Tampa, and my landlord is taking advantage of a likely economic downturn in the months ahead and is selling the home we’ve lived in for 14 and a half years.

Depressed? Yeah, I am – but at the same time, I don’t have time for it.

Until We Meet Again…

I made the tough decision to give Harry a new home yesterday. When I return in a couple of weeks, I have no idea how much the amputations will slow me down, so I thought it best to give the cat a more able bodied master.

It was not a decision I took lightly and I’m still in a lot of “pain” over it. I wanted to own this cat until one of us was gone – which was nearly me a couple of weeks ago.

Safe travels, buddy. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye, but you were the best animal I ever had.

Alive And Kicking

I got some feedback from my last post wondering how Harry is doing with me hospitalized.

He’s alive and well, according to my landlord’s family a few minutes ago. Probably a bit angry I’m not there, but fine none the less.

I’d like to keep him if all possible, but he may need a new home if I’m not physically 100 percent. We had some good times together over the years, that’s for sure.

Two Days Away From Death

In the last couple of weeks, I was too sick to do much of anything. I really didn’t want to leave Harry behind – but I was coughing every half hour and vomiting every other half hour.

I thought I had a COVID issue of some sort due to having all of those symptoms. On October 28, I stocked Harry the best I could with water, treats, and a couple of cans of cat food. I then called 911 and got sent to Northside Hospital.

After testing COVID negative, they found the hole in my left foot I’ve had several months and a new problem – the big toe on my right foot rapidly turning black. It had to be amputated in immediate surgery. A few days later, they did work on the left foot removing bone.

The brilliant foot doctor I received said had I not reported the problem, I would have been dead in a couple of days.

Needless to say, I’m very happy to still be here.


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I’ve been very blessed to find work I can do at home this past week. I don’t want to mention the client other than to say if you know anything about sports betting in parts of the country, you probably know of them. I don’t think they advertise on the football games on Sundays – but they are players in the sports betting game, for sure.

My mother is still in the care facility in Tampa – though I actually saw her this past weekend. Due to her COVID, then a COVID breakout over at this Tampa facility, I wasn’t able to see her in 29 days.

My mother may not remember who I am at all times due to her dementia – but when she saw me, her first words were, “Where the hell have you been?”

All she know was that I wasn’t there, and I thought that might be her reaction. I explained: she had COVID, then the facility had a COVID lockdown, then somewhere around that time I had a bad reaction to the vaccine for about a week…

After a few moments passed, my Mom just sobbed and hugged me.

I will probably bring her home when she’s done with her rehab, even if it’s not advisable. If the rumors are true that there are coming supply shortages, I want her home with me. I don’t want to worry about going to another facility and the possibility that they may have a shortage of food.

If my mother’s time is coming – I want to be with her when it does. When my father died in early 1991, fate didn’t work out for that to happen.

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

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The headline of this October 12, 2021 point to some dark days ahead.

While we have the “bread and circuses” of the Rays stunningly eliminated in the first-round of the MLB playoff crap shoot, or the firing of Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden for a litany of non-politically correct E-mails, I’m watching what’s going on with Southwest Airlines with great interest.

The battle is this: Southwest employees and pilots are mandated to get vaccinated by the recent order of President Biden. Fights are being cancelled all over the country, but the media seems reticent to explain that this is a squabble over getting the jab.

I find the media’s position on this rather amusing. It seems to me like a statistical impossibility to me that employees of some company somewhere wouldn’t attempt a resistance movement.

If it could happen at Southwest, it could happen anywhere – like those in the military refusing the jab. Like the medical profession has in some states like North Carolina and New York.

The White House will blame the unvaccinated for this, and the unvaccinated will gladly accept the blame, chanting Let’s Go Brandon – or something rhyming with Chuck Joe Biden.

Further, if the media is fudging a bit on Southwest – what else aren’t they telling you? Are there similar problems at Target, or McDonald’s, or at a workplace where a small staff could put people at risk?

And the White House will just let it happen, despite it being illogical they can get reelected out of it.

An Uneasy Limbo

It’s been a very quiet week on the front of my mother’s health. I thought she would be moved to a facility back here in Pinellas County now that she’s cleared of COVID, but it didn’t materialize as I thought it would.

The facility she’s staying at over in Tampa – well, the switchboard operator always seems to have a reason not to complete the call, or she says she will take a message for so-and-so, and then I’ll never hear from whom I’m trying to contact. Very disturbing and discouraging.

I now haven’t seen my mother in nearly a month. Not only did she catch COVID, but so did a worker at that facility in Tampa.

I watch EWTN every day now from 7-9 in the morning for their rosaries and masses. I use that time to release my feelings and emotions – and every day, that’s a “tank” that needs emptying.

How To Heal?

I continue to limp on towards the tenth anniversary of my blog.

With my mother still in COVID rehab in a Tampa care center that thinks communications is something out of the stone age – I’m noting the wear and tear on my psyche. Due to the COVID restrictions, I have not been able to see her for nearly three weeks, and the plan is for her go to another facility in Pinellas County for her regularly scheduled rehab stint before coming home in the weeks ahead.

I watch a lot of the local Christian station here in Tampa, Channel 22, WCLF – though it has had its our history that hasn’t always gone well. Maybe I should back up and say that my parents were Catholics that really didn’t practice that in adult life. My first girlfriend was a devout Christian, so to me – Catholicism and Christianity are basically the same thing.

Being that my mother is Catholic but never has been Christian, I watched some EWTN this morning. I must say I got more of a “soul cleansing” out of that. Particularly the morning prayers.

Anyway, I hope for better news – and I hope for peace for all involved.

Looking Better Today…

To update you all on my mother, as I left things on a cliffhanger on Tuesday.

I contact the hospital each day, as they don’t allow visitors for patients with COVID, which Mom has – and rightfully so. When I contacted them yesterday, they told me she had been moving around – which in itself was reassuring.

How she got it – that’s an open question. You’d think in the COVID era that before a hospital would take in a patient, they would need to determine whether or not a patient has COVID. One might also think that they would administer COVID vaccines at the hospital – but they don’t do that. It’s strange that I can get two Moderna COVID jabs at Publix, but my mom can’t get one in two trips to the hospital.

Maybe the hospital doesn’t trust the testing – or has a reason not to vaccinate the patients. It’s just an oddity that goes with this odd world we live in. Medical personnel are mandated to get the vaccine in the coming weeks, but the unvaccinated patients can’t get vaccinated unless – they get COVID.

I could go on, but I won’t, It seems our world wants all of us to experience the problems, while simultaneously finding a way not to offer a clear cut solution.