Flashback: “Sanford And Son Theme (The Streetbeater)” by Quincy Jones

Not a chart hit for Quincy Jones, but this 1973 recording is one of the better-known TV themes of its era.


Flashback: “Click-Clack” by Dicky Doo And The Don’ts

A top-40 hit for this band in 1958 – also the local band of my Mom’s neighborhood of Woodlawn in The Bronx, New York.

Flashback: “Roundball Rock” by John Tesh

This wasn’t a hit for Mr. Tesh, but the song did make a bit of news recently with Fox Sports acquiring the rights to it for selected college basketball games, bringing the theme to a new generation of fans.

Flashback: “I Wanna Be With You (Everywhere You Go)” by Brook Benton

Here’s another one of those “What Was That Song?” mysteries from the recent holiday season – and a good place to start for 2019.

I was trying to think of who did the song most of the time it was on – and I kept thinking the performer was Tom Jones. A good guess on my part, but nope – Brook Benton performed it, a man no stranger to the pop charts in the ’50s, ’60s and early ’70s.

It looks like this was released in 1966 – but this particular song wasn’t a hit record back then, but worthy of a listen.