Crossing Lines, Blurred Lines

The ongoing war between President Trump and the media – breathtaking. I heard Chris Wallace on FOX earlier today saying that the President crossed the line when he said the media is the enemy of the American people.

I tend to think that if this is true, the media crossed the line first with their allegations that President Trump is tight with Russia. They want you to forget that so was Hillary Clinton, who gave the Russians all that uranium. Further, the Russians don’t have anything to lose any way they play it: if they support the American left, the American right, or play the double game of playing both sides. Sure, I want the media to do their job, but without harder facts in the whole Russian matter, I can’t say that the job is being done.

I’m also not surprised that, in my opinion, the President has already gotten bored with the D.C. game and is campaigning in spots across the country as if it was still 2016 on the calendar. He plays to his strengths, and he’d be a fool not to play to his strength.

Who knows what happens this week, but so far, it’s been a very interesting ride. Who knows where it goes next.


Slings And Arrows

I tried to take a “news break” over the weekend. The operative word being “tried” as everywhere I tried to take refuge, I found vestiges of our current world.

Melissa McCarthy as White House press briefer Sean Spicer I found very funny, mainly because I’m already a McCarthy fan. I’m surprised she’d take that political of a role, but she had the foresight to figure out the role would be a huge hit for her.

The People’s Court skit with Alec Baldwin playing Trump on it; that was a bit more risky. There’s a huge difference of opinion about the real President Trump’s executive order on the ban, or extreme vetting, of immigrants from seven nations in Africa and the Middle East that don’t seem to do their own vetting. The “judge” just seemed to spout what liberal opinion was on the matter, that this is a de-facto ban of Muslims, so it came out as a talking point disguised as comedy.

The Jake Tapper-Kellyanne Conway “Fatal Attraction” sketch, with an actress playing Kellyanne playing Glenn Close from that famous 80’s movie seemed a bit of a stretch for movie. The real-life Kellyanne turned 50 on January 20th, so playing an oversexed stalker? Nah, I didn’t get it. She’s a bit mouthy, but I don’t see her being the kind of person whoring herself off for CNN interview time.

I think SNL will eventually get bored with their incessant satire of Trump, for a couple or reasons. One, I see things ratcheting up between the executive and judicial branches, especially if Trump defies court rulings on the immigration matter. That would no doubt force a constitutional crisis (something of an cliche nowadays), but it’s also something I don’t see news outlets covering as even a remote possibility. That’s a bit strange, considering how head-strong our President sometimes is.

Moreover, even if Trump soldiers on, fighting with the Democrats day by day in some sort of legislative trench warfare, public opinion might swing towards Trump and the GOP if they hold a united front. That too might be a stretch, considering there are no doubt GOP senators and congressman holding grudges from Trump’s campaign.

Stay tuned, as always. It’s certainly not a dull scene, that’s for sure.

Giving No Quarter, Asking No Quarter

To go along with the first Suprr Bowl to end regulation tied and needing overtime to break, we’ve now had what’s believed to be the first tie vote in the US Senate to confirm a member of a President’s cabinet. Much like sports, the Senate has its own tie breaking procedure: the Vice President votes, and so Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education.

These are interesting times politically and for our country. A new Supreme Court justice nominee, a widening conflict with Iran, and the continuing war of words between Trump, his staff, the media, and the Democrats. 

Generally, I root for our country, not against it. Much like Mr. Trump made errors in his bid to be President last year, he seems to have the same learning curve as President. He adjusted well as 2016 progressed, so it’s logical he’ll adapt to things as his Presidency progresses. 

The caveat to that thinking, however, is that the opposition is much more diverse, and that some of these things can’t be controlled, like the economy. Then there’s that George Soros fellow, who many on the conservative side believe is the architect and financier of these protests over Trump’s immigration reforms. 

All we can do is keep watching and see how things play out. 

A Well Needed Time Out


As many of you know, tonight is the playing of the 51st Super Bowl. (The NFL has this obsession with roman numerals, so they call the event Super Bowl LI.) Either New England or Atlanta walk away tonight as the champion team of the year, and the sports world thereafter will turn to other events, like the Daytona 500, and the 2017 MLB baseball season.

I have seen the Super Bowl referred to a few times over the years as the Great American Time Out. With all the vitriol in the news over our new President, and the changes he wishes to make with the country, and the unprecedented staunchness of the left who have put up such resistance to even his cabinet picks, it’s a well deserved break.

I have also had the honor of going to a Super Bowl in person, the 25th such game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, won by New York by just one point. I can close my eyes and still see the late Whitney Houston singing the national anthem in the epic way she performed it. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

If you ever get or win the chance to go to the Super Bowl, do it. You’ll never forget it.

As for my pick, I like the Patriots, 42-34. The Falcons are a very good team, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled off the mild upset. I just think New England is not just playing for today’s game, but for history as well. A win by the Pats would give both Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick five Super Bowls, the most for any one quarterback or head coach.

Enjoy the game. For sports fans worldwide, today is Christmas Day.

The Same Old Song

If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you have to admit that if you’ve been watching the movements on Capitol Hill the past few days, it’s been disappointing.

We can argue about which side is right, and which is wrong, until we’re blue in the face. I feel like I’m stuck in that song by Bob Marley that seems so true. They don’t want to see us unite, all they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting. They don’t want to see us live together, all they want us to do is keep on killing one another.

I say we ditch the bureaucrats and just start over. I wish it were just that simple, but of course it is not. It’s just depressing to watch nothing get done because politicians have scores to settle.

Again, I blame neither side for what’s happening now, or maybe I blame both sides. I just think they all forgot about the art of compromising, making a deal, give and take for the betterment of our country. It’s all about winning instead of everyone working together so that we all can win.

Maybe today will be a better day. Can’t get any worse, I suppose.

Three No Trump

I’m very tempted to comment on the whole kerfuffle over one of President Trump’s more recent executive orders on refugees immigrating to the United States. As many of you saw over the weekend, that turned out to be a bit of a mess, and I want to give that a few days to see how that story progresses before making comments on it. There’s much more to that story then what meets the media eye, hence my precautious nature. Plus, I think something bigger is going on than just this one issue.

What I have to say this Monday morning is this: as Trump’s first term marches on, watch three US senators very closely. Keep an eye out on John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, the Republican senators from Arizona, South Carolina, and Florida respectively.

Maybe it’s all the years I’ve watched reality TV, but I always try to keep my eye on small alliances inside big groups. That’s usually where power lies, or where power dies. If these three powerful Republicans (who’ve all been dissed by Trump at one point or another in the past two years or so) turn on their President, it turns the GOP 52-48 advantage in the US Senate into at least a 51-49 disadvantage, plus whatever trigger effects would subsequently take place, possibly leading to some sort of coup in the Republican Party.

Just my tip of the moment as things continue to evolve. I don’t claim to be a political expert, just someone who is watching these relationships evolve.