Democracy’s Death Star?

While the argument continues to rage over who did what to who in the 2016 US Elections, there’s this matter of various states combining efforts to do away with the Electoral College – probably not before the 2020 Elections get here, but perhaps 2024 or at some point afterward.

Regardless of whether or not Democrats get away with what they did in 2016, I’m not in favor of government making another end run around the Constitution as was attempted in 2009 with the passing of the mandatory purchasing of healthcare – which didn’t last long as the law of the land. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would be just another means of bypassing the Constitution and would allow states to make laws of their own accord.

It is also worth mentioning that all of the states that have joined the NPVIC so far were all won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Should that change, the compact would only be permitted if the combined electoral vote total exceeds 270 – the majority needed for a presidential nomination.

I have had misgivings about the value of the Electoral College – and why it only applies to elections at the presidential level. But at the same time, if our society is going to make this significant of a change, it should be done the legal way: by going through the Constitution. By going through and changing the law at the state level, it gives the states that are colluding with each other too much power – which is not good for the country as a whole.


An AOC Theory: An Actress?

People sometimes call me a conspiracy theorist, and I’m fine with that. I often find it weird that you are only a conspiracy theorist if you have conservative values – but if you do not, and you throw out theories, you are somehow not a conspiracy theorist.

Like many Americans who follow the news, I’ve been watching how the headlines seem to be made to an obsessive degree by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a new congresswoman from New York City. Namely, how did the voters of eastern Bronx and a portion of Queens were able to elect someone who appears to be an absolute neophyte? For that matter, why can’t conservative outlets such as Fox News just stop talking about her?

Prior to watching this video, my theory had been that the “Clinton democrats” were trying to co-opt into the socialist movement, though it’s not impossible that the puppet masters of the Democrats have this in mind as their eventual goal. If you have watched AOC for any length of time, you can tell relatively quickly that something is off of her.

YouTube poster Mr. Reagan has the theory that Cortez is merely an actress playing a role – and that her rise to power is more or less an experiment by socialists done from the safety of a highly Democratic congressional district.

With all things politics, the truth always seems to be a bit stranger than it’s fiction. If I’m Bernie Sanders, I sure as hell wouldn’t run for President as a Democrat, but as a third-party candidate. If he did that, he’d actually win a few states, much like George Wallace did in 1968, Ethically, morally, or spiritually bankrupt as he may have been, Wallace is still the last third-party candidate to win states in a Presidential election, taking four and nearly forcing an Electoral College stalemate where nobody would have won the 270 “votes” needed to win the presidency.

With all of these candidates in the race, 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting electoral year. A long way to go and a lot of time to digest what is actually going on.

A Frame That Didn’t Fit

When I first started hearing the news about Jussie Smollett being attacked in Chicago a few weeks back, I did have the odd thought that the attack sounded “too perfect” to my ears. When I considered that, I had absolutely no idea that this thought was perfect – and that the attack was indeed a work of fiction.

I’m old enough to hear about the Tawana Brawley allegations back in the late 1980s, and I know that every once in a while history tends to repeat itself – whether it means to or otherwise.

The events sadden me that there are people out there, regardless of color or creed, who want to get at our current President at all costs. I’m also of the opinion that it could also be plausible that Smollett didn’t think of this idea all by himself – the only question is if it is something that can be proven in a court of law.

Other than that, I really don’t think there is much left to say – and that giving the man any more space would be a waste of such space.

Borders And Godfathers

The news will no doubt breathlessly report the coming deadline after which there could be another partial financial government shutdown – provided a deal to fund a wall at the border isn’t reached.

Funny how current events and old movies can often correlate with each other. Over the weekend, I watched the first two Godfather movies over the weekend – and was reminded of the Senator Geary character played so brilliantly by G.D. Spradlin, who in my opinion was one of the more underrated artists of our time. If G.D. was in a movie with that authoritarian/villain role he was good at – you knew that movie was going to be a bit better.

Geary initially derided Michael Corleone, but when the Senator gets caught at a brothel with a dead woman the Senator didn’t murder but would no doubt have to explain – he is forced to change his tune quickly and starts doing the bidding of the mobster, publicly praising him at a Senate hearing.

As for the present day, the story is well known and public record that several politicians were for a border wall before they were (currently) against it. So, some event is pushing the move against the wall – namely, the current President (Donald Trump) being for it.

In my world view, the country is being held hostage – not by President Trump (as any Democrat would no doubt allege and will again soon), but by professional jealousy. The left and probably some on the Republican side as well – don’t want the President to pull off what other Presidents have tried and neglected to do. So, they throw every obstacle conceivable out there as a firewall to prevent it from happening.

Personally, I think POTUS should declare the national emergency if we get to February 15th and there is another shutdown looming. It will no doubt throw a challenge to the courts, but with all the noise the Dems are making about how a challenge would be successful in overturning the President’s decree – could they be bluffing?

No Speech For You!

As much as I hate to do two political posts in a row, we’ve had something rather unique in American history take place yesterday. The State Of The Union address President Trump was going to give on January 29th (this Tuesday) was canceled over the continuing disagreements over the partial government shutdown.

I have little doubt, as the above cartoon suggests, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did this in retaliation for President Trump yanking military travel permissions at the last moment last week when Pelosi was going to make a trip overseas to Europe and Afghanistan. No House Speaker has ever not welcomed a sitting President to Congress to speak before – so this sets a new precedent, and perhaps a new low in the ongoing bitterness between the two parties.

Personally, as much as you can take the President or the Speaker to task for their actions separately – I wish they’d each grow the hell up. Hopefully, with the “tit for tat” this past week now going full circle, they can now do that.