Impeachment Eve

Tomorrow, the impeachment trial for President Trump begins – only the third such trial in American history. Most of the so-called “experts” out there have the President being an overwhelming favorite to be acquitted – but much like sporting events, just because we all think the trial is likely to have a certain outcome doesn’t mean that is what happens.

The weekend had Democratic lawmakers demand fairness from the proceedings – though they gave the Republicans nor the President any quarter during the House impeachment phases. They complain that the Senate trial sessions may take too long per day, they complain about how the coverage will be televised on C-SPAN – there’s very few elements about the trial they haven’t complained about.

If the trial goes as expected, I’m sure the Democrats will complain they did not get a fair shake and will attempt to impeach the President again. Democrats loathe the President – Republicans love the President, and I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon. The only thing we know for sure is the elections keep Mr. Trump as President, we get a new one on January 20, 2025.

Follow The Soleimani

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As we begin this first full week of 2020, no one (at least for the moment) is talking about President Trump’s impeachment and what happens with it – but rather the assassination of an Iranian general named Soleimani at the hands of our government in Baghdad Thursday night.

The Iranians (as would be their wont) condemned the move, promising retaliation at some point in the future. The Democrats also condemned the move, saying Congressional approval would have been needed for them to cease any complaints they had about it.

As for me – I don’t really care who is President. If whomever leads the country, Democrat or Republican, feels that he or she has the duty to take out a terrorist – I would support the gesture. Presidents have been given the benefit of the doubt by prior congresses, and I don’t think just because Mr. Trump is President that we should cut off that kind of latitude.

Hurry Up And Wait

Let me note for posterity that President Trump was impeached on two counts last night, becoming the third President in US history to meet that fate.

Machinations have already began for the trial in the United States Senate that looks likely to begin in early January. In a move very few expected prior to yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the impeachment documentation to the Senate – citing no constitutional rule exists to do so in a timely manner. Some conservative experts consider the move unconstitutional – and knowing the master tactician Pelosi can be, it shouldn’t have surprised too many.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that I was hesitant to mention the QAnon movement’s role in what’s been going on with all things POTUS. It was not my intent to diminish them. “Q” has been called a conspiracy theory by those on the left and in the media who call anything as such they don’t agree with. It is not unusual in times like ours to seek out alternative sets of ideas – and how facts could be constructed in other ways to make similar conclusions.

People will ALWAYS have a thirst for the truth.

I don’t first hand how dangerous the Clintons are to cross, or if money laundering and child sex trafficking networks exist, among other things.

You can never go wrong following the logic, or with the use of critical thinking. QAnon often says, “Nothing can stop what is coming.” I can’t help but wonder what it is.

Don't Ask For What You Wish For – You Just Might Get It

It is widely expected that this is the day that the Democratic Party of the United States gets their long-standing wish – the day where President Trump is impeached on two counts. I’m writing this at about 8:45 in the morning – so I don’t yet know as of this writing how this plays out today.

I’ve stated my opposition to Trump’s impeachment scores of times in recent weeks on this blog – so it’s overkill to do so again. So, I won’t. If any other President had done this – no one would batted an eye. Because this President did – it somehow becomes an impeachable offense. You can do “wrong” things and it could be illegal – just like you can do “right” things even though it’s illegal.

Hope for an 11th hour miracle – but right now, I’m not seeing it.

A Cure For Insomnia

Another phase of the impeachment of President Trump is currently ongoing as I type this – though it is not expected to captivate the nation. I’ve been calling this the “Seinfeld impeachment” because it is, at least in my opinion, an impeachment about nothing.

At least at this point in time – because laws can and do change, it is not illegal for a President to barter with foreign nations, nor is it illegal to ask for other nations to conduct investigations of American citizens as Joe Biden and his son Hunter are. There is a proviso to this – that the investigation isn’t fixed to provide a certain outcome. Had President Trump said something to the effect of he wanted an investigation AND a conviction, then that’s a totally different story, and the Democrats would be right in asking to impeach him. Awkward? Yes. Illegal? No.

What we have here is Democratic political leadership who take advantage of the fact that fewer people have read the Constitution now than they did a few decades ago – and through the media (whom Trump often calls “fake”), bastardizes what the President Trump can and can’t do. That truly is the sad spectacle that is playing out here – a duly elected President being told by the establishment that he can’t do what he actually can do.

Probably not a surprise to long-time readers I feel this way, but this is a coup d’etat by the Democrats using the megaphone of the mainstream media that is out to get the President because he had the audacity to point out the fakeness of that very media. Their efforts will likely not succeed, ultimately.

The Grand Facade So Soon Will Burn

I’ve been watching a considerable amount of the televised impeachment inquiry that’s been going on. If you’ve been following this blog for any time, you’re probably not surprised that I’m hard pressed to find what President Trump did wrong.

No, this is not a personal attack on Democrats. Not at all. We’re all going to have to coexist in this world regardless of the divergence of our opinions about our President.

I just have a hard time figuring out what his crime is, and it appears I’m not alone in that opinion. I guess it goes back to my last blog entry when I was asking why am I me. Why am I a Trump supporter where I could easily have been on the other side?

Sometimes the “why” is just as interesting as that sentence that starts with the word “because.”

Cherry Picking

While we wait and sort out the drama that is the impeachment proceedings in our country, a sports broadcasting legend was unceremoniously booted for showing pride in his country.

You could say that Don Cherry is to the hockey broadcasts in Canada what John Madden was to American pro football. He could relate to his fans, and the fans in turn could relate to him.

While we get a steady diet of college and pro football every weekend this time of the year, Canada similarly loves its hockey. Cherry would commentate on the games between periods and give his opinions which sometimes weren’t hockey related.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, Canada has a similar day called Remembrance Day – usually noted with a small flower worn in the coat pocket called a poppy. When Cherry noted that he didn’t see a lot of poppies and a lack of national pride, he said so on the air.

It only took the Canadians a couple of days to make Cherry, who had been on TV 38 years, an ex-hockey commentator. Some fans considered his remarks xenophobic – with Canada a more liberal country in its embrace of cultural diversity.

Me, I say life’s too short to worry about what other people say. Sooner or later, you find someone who’ll complain about it anyways.