Ernestine Incarnate

In the world we live in now with these “social labels” that change so frequently, it’s getting harder not to be labeled something with an “ist” on the end of it.

That being said – every time I hear California senator Kamala Harris speak, she sounds to me like Ernestine, the fictional switchboard operator played by Lily Tomlin decades ago on various comedy and variety shows of the era.

Obviously, that might not be the most politically correct thing to say – but I’ll let you all be the judge of that. In the meantime – one ringy dingy, two ringy dingies…


Mueller? Mueller?!?

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After viewing the assertions of former special counsel Robert Mueller this 24th day of July 2019, there seems to be little chance for the impeachment of the President before the 2020 elections. The Democrats and the so-called “Deep State” may be treading in hotter water, however, for foisting this fraud on to all of us.

(Yes, I still hate, with a passion, the use of the phrase “The American People.” You, the American politicians, don’t speak for all of us, so would you please stop using that phrase? Please, and thank you.)

Mueller looked a bit like a bumbling professor at the witness table today, or a grandfather in dire need of a nap. I’m sure at one point in his career he could bring his A-game, but this was not such a day. The Republican members of congress drilled holes in the logic of his arguments with ease – while Democrats seemed to have trouble presenting even leading questions to him.

The only question that lingers is what happens to all of those who bore false witness on the President? Then the whole Jeffrey Epstein matter is left to be settled, and that may be problematical for a lot of celebrities and politicians stupid enough to be in that mix.

Facebook Deactivation Attempt Number Whatever

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It gets to the point perhaps where all of the attempts get farcical – but here I go again. I’m again experimenting with life without Facebook.

If you’ve been watching the news as of late – we’ve got another “racism” controversy involving the President getting into it with four rather young and novice members of the House of Representatives. When Mr. Trump suggested in a tweet Sunday that perhaps “The Squad” should go back where they came from, things got a bit chaotic. The Democrats and in turn the media accused the President of being a racist.

For what it is worth – my opinion (as of this moment – July 16, 2019 at 11am Eastern time) is he is still not a racist by my definition of the term. To me, someone who is racist uses racist slurs – and I’ve never seen any record of Mr. Trump using that kind of language. If there is proof of him ever using those words, my opinion will likely change – but at this moment, I have yet to see such proof.

Facebook (and Twitter too), being what that has become, always seems to provide someone who can’t handle someone like me having their own personal opinion. Someone from your past always seems to be around magically to be your own personal “thought police” to try and set you straight in effort to tell you, yes, that POTUS is a racist – and don’t mind the Congresswomen who won’t condemn Al Qaeda or Antifa. That debate will go on – somebody will win it, and somebody will lose it.

So I keep getting around to this idea of a limited social media sabbatical, and who knows – maybe it will stick this time. Besides, I enjoy doing this a bit more.

EDIT, 7/18/19: I came back after a couple of days. I know – I’m weak as water, but I keep trying.

Ross Was A Boss

As a general rule of thumb, I try not to eulogize everybody who passes on too much anymore. Better put, when I get around to do as such – it is for a good reason.

Yesterday, 1992 Presidential candidate Ross Perot passed away at the age of 89. To date, he is the last Independent candidate to have been included in the debates you see each election cycle – and no candidate since, outside of the Democratic or Republican nominee, has gotten more of a vote percentage as he did in 1992.

To this day, he’s the only candidate for President I’ve ever gone to see in person at a rally. On October 31, 1992, I took one of my aunts, who was a staunch Perot supporter, to the USF Sun Dome – and saw Mr. Perot speak to nearly 9,000 people in Tampa.

Of course, Perot didn’t win – Bill Clinton did, then the governor of Arkansas. At one point, Perot dropped out of the race despite polling well initially based on his frequent interviews with CNN’s Larry King. Had he not dropped out – what would have happened? Would there have been a Electoral College stalemate – where none of the three candidates get to the required 270 electoral votes? Could it have been possible that Ross would have won the popular vote but yet lose in the House of Representatives?

Assume for a moment we had a President Perot in 1993. If that had took place, then I think you would have seen the “derangement syndrome” we see now with President Trump a quarter of a century earlier. Perot would have formed essentially a coalition government with the Republicans with a Democratic run Congress – and the Democrats would treat Perot like the outsider they do now with the current President. Perot would come up with solutions, and the Dems foiling him at every turn – perhaps manufacturing a scandal that entices some sort of impeachment. Sound familiar?

Perot would have also fixed the economy – again, a lot like you’re seeing with the current President. How the 1996 elections would have worked – well, your guess is as good as mine there. Maybe the GOP recruits Perot to their side, and likely he would accept such a deal, at least to my way of thinking. Of course, that alternative 21st century might wind up different – and maybe everything we know, such as 9/11, never happens. Perhaps a New York businessman named Trump never gets on TV or has the need to enter the political arena – and how different that reality might have been.

The 2020 Sweepstakes

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The 2020 elections are now about 16 1/2 months away, but the first Democratic debates will be held next week – plus the current President, Donald Trump, announced his intent to run for a second term last night in Orlando.

I’m not a big fan of the setup for this first debate NBC is hosting in Miami next week – where only 20 of the 24 candidates will be allowed to debate based on polling. You would think after the 2016 elections and a Democratic primary series that left many noting how Hillary Clinton got all the breaks at the expense of Bernie Sanders – that the DNC would be a bit more transparent, but I guess not.

Speaking of transparency, if there’s going to be some sort of random draw to determine who debates in which debate – why not do that publicly? Again, a lack of transparency – and the appearance that the DNC has their thumbs on the scale. I guess there are some things that never change. Heck, I remember Ron Brown (at the time, the head of the Democratic National Committee) making remarks in 1992 that he hoped Bill Clinton would win the nomination – before the series of primaries had ended.

As for Trump running again – we haven’t had a President decline the chance to run for re-election since Lyndon Johnson in 1968, and there was nothing to indicate POTUS wouldn’t be running again. I kind of wonder how he’s doing it health-wise, but if he can do it – he should be allowed the chance.

Who wins? I have no clue.


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A bit later today (it’s just about 7 AM when I type this – so what happens is yet to be exactly known), it is expected that Attorney General William Barr will be held in contempt of Congress for failing to hand over an unredacted version of the Muller Report – which would be illegal to produce with grand jury testimony in it.

It is quite likely Mr. Barr won’t be arrested, unless the Democrats are dumb enough to think they can score political points that way. Republicans accuse the Democrats, the Democrats accuse the Republicans, and on and on and on it will go.

I’m getting bored with it. Politics has become an endless game of tic-tac-toe. Stalemate after stalemate after stalemate. Politicians couch themselves in useless crutch phrase sure to include the words “the American people” as if we were a brand name a NASCAR driver was forced to mention in every interview.

Our President may or may not have his heart in the right place – but he must see by now how futile the effort is for one leader to drain a swamp.

If you want real change in this country two things must be done. First, society must embrace and not discourage other lesser-known political parties. Invite them to debate, don’t shoo them off because they have no chance at winning – because that’s what a free society does, which is what we are supposed to be!

Secondly, get rid of the Electoral college. If we are going to have a multiple-party system, there would be no need for it. All that it would do is get in the way of finding a true winner. Maybe make the Presidential election a two-round process, where all the candidates are eligible in the first round, then you have a run-off of the top two candidates in the deciding round.

That’s how I would do it. This will probably be my last political post in a while (knock on wood), because the whole thing as it stands now BORES me. Let justice be done for whoever deserves it, though the heavens fall.


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I type this a bit after seven in the morning, Eastern time. Later this morning, the news will be buzzing about the full Muller Report coming out – which (with redactions for intel and grand jury testimony) entails President Trump’s collusion with the Russians. If the “summary” Attorney General William Barr is in any way accurate, it will show the lack of collusion.

The longer this so-called scandal has gone, the more stupid I think it has gotten with each passing day. I find it stupid because you cannot have a set of laws for one political party, and another set for another. Sooner or later, something has to give and there will be anarchy. The people in charge of both parties know this, yet here we are.

If there was no collusion – one of our major political parties did the equivalent of pulling a fire alarm when there was no fire. Those who did this – I don’t know, maybe you might want to punish them so they don’t do that again, right? Otherwise, these people will continue to abuse their power.

Whether it is on January 20, 2021 or January 20, 2025 or some other date yet to be foreseen, the current President will no longer be President. Will what’s being done to the country matter then? Will there be a country left by the time we get there?

It’s sad to watch – but it seems it’s all we can do is watch, if we’re so inclined.