Cherry Picking

While we wait and sort out the drama that is the impeachment proceedings in our country, a sports broadcasting legend was unceremoniously booted for showing pride in his country.

You could say that Don Cherry is to the hockey broadcasts in Canada what John Madden was to American pro football. He could relate to his fans, and the fans in turn could relate to him.

While we get a steady diet of college and pro football every weekend this time of the year, Canada similarly loves its hockey. Cherry would commentate on the games between periods and give his opinions which sometimes weren’t hockey related.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, Canada has a similar day called Remembrance Day – usually noted with a small flower worn in the coat pocket called a poppy. When Cherry noted that he didn’t see a lot of poppies and a lack of national pride, he said so on the air.

It only took the Canadians a couple of days to make Cherry, who had been on TV 38 years, an ex-hockey commentator. Some fans considered his remarks xenophobic – with Canada a more liberal country in its embrace of cultural diversity.

Me, I say life’s too short to worry about what other people say. Sooner or later, you find someone who’ll complain about it anyways.

He Who Shall Not Be Named

Very few things in life piss me off. But there are exceptions – one of which is playing out on the cell phones and computers around the world, thanks to Facebook.

(I post this not knowing what WordPress’s policy is about mentioning a certain name, but I can live with whatever the outcome is.)

If you watch the media everyday, the name of the CIA whistleblower that started this latest impeachment escapade with the President is kept from your knowledge. If you’re on social media and are following the impeachment proceedings, you know that there is a strong chance that person is a man named Eric Ciaramella, and that’s been known a few weeks now.

Everyone on the Democrat side of the aisle has warned everyone else not to out the whistleblower even though transcripts released earlier this week failed to redact that very name. The Constitution tells you that you have the right to face those accusing you of something – it says nothing or has not been amended to protect whistleblowers.

In their infinite wisdom, Facebook is now censoring posts with the name of Eric Ciaramella in them. I had one such post removed from my Facebook page but wasn’t warned not to do it again.

This is what the Nazis and the communists did – and I think regardless of how you feel about our President, at least stand up for our rights when they face a threat like this.

To those in America approving of such censorship – if history is any indication, you won’t get away with this.

The Reluctant Bombshell

Word broke yesterday that a piece of video had surfaced where ABC News personality Amy Robach has a conversation on a “hot mic” while not on the air. In that conversation, she mentioned working on a news piece chronicling the late Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged pedophile with reported ties to the political and Hollywood elite.

I’ve personally heard rumor and innuendo going back to 2016 about Epstein from friends and relatives. Like many out there, Robach doesn’t believe Epstein committed suicide – but was murdered.

It is not a surprise if the media outlet was covering up for those higher up the food chain. That seems to happen with great regularity one way or another. I just wonder how long they can continue to get away with this and how deep such rabbit holes go. Sooner or later, everyone gets caught – it’s just a matter of when time or the law catches up with you.

Victory And Reality

I must admit to getting hooked in to the hullabaloo that was President Trump’s tweet Saturday night. When a world leader says something big happened, I tend to believe it.

The big news was the capture of the ISIS leader – and like most Americans, I couldn’t tell you who that was for a million bucks and a carload of tacos. Apparently, the leader cried and whimpered his way to his grave – blowing himself up to terminate his miserable existence.

In turn, the Democrats looked at this in their reactions like their pet cat had just given them a lizard as a gift. It was a far cry from a time a few short years ago when Osama bin Laden had been captured and everyone celebrated his demise.

I’m very concerned for what the future of the country might be – as this series of gestures proves there are agitators in our midst. It’s up to us to sort them out, at that will not be easy if those perpetrators all have D’s or R’s as their political affiliations.

The Shows Of Record

Sunday morning are, traditionally, set aside for the networks to have talk shows usually featuring the leading politicians in our government.

NBC has the longest one going, Meet The Press, that goes back to 1947. Yesterday, moderator Chuck Todd had Wisconsin US Senator Ron Johnson on, a Republican.

It doesn’t take long for the conversation to deteriorate, sadly. Todd essentially accuses Johnson of hiding behind President Trump, who may be facing impeachment in the coming weeks and months. Republicans, especially Trump, have made counter accusations of improper dealings with foreign nations, so both parties are locked in mortal combat.

I doubt NBC will take any action against Chuck Todd, who in my opinion went way out of his way to be a jerk to Johnson. I can’t help but wonder how Tom Brokaw or the late Tim Russert handles that.

The Odds Of Impeachment, Another Look

A little while back, I did a post covering what I felt the odds were for President Trump to be impeached while in office. When I did the post back then, I felt it was a long shot bet – but now, things have changed a bit.

For the purposes of this post, I’m not debating the philosophy of either party, or the arguments therein. I’m just giving my perspective here.

Will he be impeached in the House? I’d say right now it’s about 7-5 against it happening. All the Democrats would have to on board for it in order to pass it. That might not be a done deal even still.

Removal from office by a Senate Trial would still be a long shot, I’d say 7-1 against. In theory, should the House pass articles of impeachment, the GOP senators would almost immediately reject it.

But that also is far from a done deal. A lot of Republicans aren’t necessarily Trump backers, and if 20 GOP senators were to join 47 Democrats – there you go.

I hope we good through the process peacefully.

The Haggis Is In The Fire For Sure

I don’t like doing political posts twice in a row, but sometimes the times we live in can’t be ignored.

The day I’ve feared would come now has – President Trump and the Democrats are now locked in mortal political combat over an attempt to remove a President from office that appears very unlikely to occur.

I can argue my point of view until the proverbial cows come home. I’d rather not do that the better part of forever, if you don’t mind. This is an event that could get very ugly very fast – and who knows which “side” of history is the “right” one.

What I am about to say is not intended to be hype – but I hope my country survives this.