All Star Game For Rent

Major League Baseball disinvited their all-stars to Atlanta in July as the league retracted the city from hosting the event over changes in Georgia’s voting laws.

I’m of the opinion that this sets a terrible precedent. Keep within the reigns of political correctness, or we’ll punish everyone in your metropolitan area to bring you to heel.

Personally, I think it would have been more courageous to continue the notion of holding the game there. Bring consciousness to the political issues at hand. But alas, we live in a world where the great political conversations of our day never get held, because they think there’s more to be gained that way.

Sooner or later, those discussions are going to occur. Burying heads in the sand just leaves you with sand in your hair.

Enough Already!

I’m a bit pissed off today – which should make for interesting reading.

I got my stimulus money today, but my mother who is on Social Security did not. Apparently a large chunk of those on disability and SS didn’t either. The IRS haven’t even mentioned a date as to when those in my mom’s situation can get theirs.

It would have been nice for the media to mention this note of importance. But as the President prior to our current one often noted, you can’t really rely on the media to tell us all what really matters.

The Twitterverse is carrying on with the mental masturbation as to when those who should have gotten their checks today get theirs in reality. My guess is as good as yours.

The IRS has the information on file, and they had no trouble with releasing the money on the first two waves.

As much as I appreciate the helicopter money, I wish this all came to an end. All the angst as to when the money actually comes and all the delays here and there – it’s not worth it. I’m going to do everything I can to not be dependent on this if there is a next time.

That is, if the economy holds together in the next few months. Or God knows what happens with the pandemic, like having to wear 15 masks and a piece of Pepperoni on your left cheekbone.

Scenes From The Third Stimulus

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Uncle Sam is giving most of us some more money once again. If you have an account with one the big banks, that day is likely tomorrow. If you have an account with a not so big bank, check your account – as it already may be there/

I think it’s very unlikely there will be a fourth check – because one of two things likely happen. One, we recover from the COVID virus and life goes back to normal in some fashion. The other possibility: all the variants of the virus outrun the vaccines (and the reports of problems with them as has been evidenced in Europe), and we all wind up on some sort of a basic monthly universal income due to a mass economic crash and/or unemployment.

I have no idea which of the two scenarios – mainly because what’s normally predictable in our society has been anything but as of late. We are essentially guinea pigs used to stimulate the economy, and if those in charge don’t like how the experiment goes, there are no more experiments.

All I can do is put the money to good use the best that I can. There is a lot of hope out there this spring of 2021 – but maybe we’re just seeing what we want to see and not the reality of what’s out there.

Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work

I watched the Senate on C-SPAN 2 last night trying to pass this latest COVID stimulus bill that would give us peasants another $1400 check. Republicans are doing everything they can to stall the bill’s eventual passage.

The GOP are upset that there’s too much “pork” in the bill – projects that boost the election chances of various members of Congress with localized projects. Of course, when the GOP had control of Congress they did the same thing.

We also shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Republicans were all for stimulus packages when Donald Trump was President – which means the Democrats were all against it before they suddenly were for it.

Sadly, it’s only the latest reminder of how treacherous the political world is. If I were then, I wouldn’t piss the people off too much. Scenes like what we saw on January 6 could easily happen again – and this time the former President isn’t around to be scapegoated.

The Ghosts Of January 6

The second impeachment of the now former President Trump is going on – and it’s proving to be another fruitless exercise in the land of this alternate universe where two Americas for the most part peacefully coexist.

It’s becoming clear to me that the Democrats will stop at nothing to slay the demon they view as the former President – and to them that this is a political version of the movie The Exorcist. I don’t get the need for a second impeachment if the invocation of the third section of the 14th Amendment would do the same thing.

Conversely, I don’t condone the events of the day – I just wonder if Pence decided to side with the then President that if the same thing would have happened in reverse, or worse. The former President should be held responsible for the events of the day – but given the atmosphere where someone would have been very unhappy with whatever decision came up, a censure would have been more appropriate.

You can’t have a system in our country where there is justice for one side, but never for another side. Rules for me, but not for thee. I’m disappointed more facts weren’t gathered and that there’s this rush to judgement. If the powers that be don’t get this right, the inevitability is it happens again.

And I don’t want to see this ever happen again.

Turn The Page

We get a new President today.

I root not against our country, so I hope Joe Biden is able to succeed. I hope he can unite a deeply divided land. He has that power and I hope he uses it for good, not evil.

As for the outgoing President, I thank him for his service and for arguably being one of the better single-term Presidents ever. There are rumors of him starting a third party, which may offset plans by the Democrats for the eventual abolition of the Electoral College.

I will continue to hope for Law biding Trump voters not to be punished or shunned. They merely, as Gandhi said, wanted to be the change they wish to see.

I’m hopeful every inaugural day. It’s like the opening day of your favorite sport. The slate is clean, and so should the political slate be this January 20th of 2021.

Time to turn that page.

Here’s Where Things Get Ugly

The aftermath of the riot at the United States Capitol building on Wednesday has left us with more questions than answers. The chief question not getting answered at the present time: who were the attackers? Were they Trump supporters, or impostors dressed as such – or could both be true?

Social media platforms have now banned the President from using their auspices, and in turn – I have deactivated one of my Twitter accounts in response. The President has the right to defend himself, especially considering the flimsiness of the evidence against him. Now is not the time to for social media to behave like parents who think they know what happened to their children to the point where they don’t want to hear their pleas.

You can’t heal as a nation with one side not wanting to hear the other.

Now the Democrats want to impeach Mr. Trump a second time to ensure his disqualification from re-election in 2024. It’s very unlikely at this point that he will be kicked out of office before his term expires.

I strongly disagree with any notion of going after those who voted Trump in 2016, 2020, or on both occasions. We did not know the events of January 6, 2021 were going to happen until they did. It is bad enough that we will have to pay higher taxes and be subject to laws that will prove unconstitutional. But those are the consequences both sides agreed to – those were the stakes.

I will go on living life the best that I can – despite the ongoing ugliness.

Scenes From The Second Stimulus

According to the latest from the Internal Revenue Service, I get my second stimulus check mailed to me January 6 – meaning I should get it on the 8th or 9th. It will be half of what I got last time – $600 as opposed to $1,200, despite many of us needing the money now more than ever.

For their unique brand of tone deafness, I blame both sides, Republicans and Democrats for this – but not our outgoing President, who seemed ahead of the political curve. Nancy Pelosi, who will once again be House Speaker, played her game of “stall ball” up to the elections – and now Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is playing a four corner offense afterwards. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were in cahoots to use this crisis to destroy the middle class.

The COVID saga goes on into 2021 with new strains of the virus found – and restrictions becoming more frequent in parts of the world, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom. This is worth watching, because what happens there usually winds up happening here later.

I’m probably not the only human being on this planet that this never happened, or that this pandemic would go away. I miss life before COVID, and I seriously doubt I’m not the only one.

For Yonder Breaks A New And Glorious Morn

In a world where everything seems to be happening on a day to day basis, it’s easy to lose sight of the need of a new calendar. As I write this, it’s the second day of 2021, the year of our Lord.

I just wanted a quiet set of holidays – and for the most part, that’s what I got. Mission accomplished.

I’m waiting on that $600 of stimulus money that’s hitting bank accounts and mailboxes. I’m sure I will get mine this coming week. Like many Americans, I believe the stimulus should have been even more as the President wanted, but some stingy rich Republicans decided to play Scrooge against his wishes. I guess they easily forget that there are Republican voters that aren’t filthy rich like Mitch McConnell is and could use the help.

Mr. Biden will be President in two and a half weeks barring something unforeseen at the electoral college ceremonies – and even Republicans like the treacherous McConnell want to move on from the evidence of obvious voting fraud mentioned. That begs the question: if there’s fraud and no one mentions it, is it still fraud? But hey, maybe Biden can cram open the pocket books and give crumbs to us peasants.

I hope you know me well enough to know that I think there are sons of the wild jackass in BOTH parties – who don’t want to see the left and the right come together. They all benefit by Mr. Trump’s departure.

My left foot that I had mentioned a few weeks back seems to be getting better with the help of adhesive gauze pads and hydrogen peroxide. The skin around the wound is hardening, so I’m hoping it heals in the weeks and months ahead.

There was one good thing locally in 2020: the Bucs, Lightning, and Rays all made their respective playoffs – the first time that’s ever happened here. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the Rays made the World Series – and we’ll wait and see what treasures the Buccaneers bring.

Let’s try and make 2021 a good year – it can’t get any worse than 2020, right?

Say It Ain’t So!

Well, never let it be said that we don’t live in interesting times. In the opinion of numerous media outlets, Joe Biden is about to become President in a couple of months. President Trump is not in agreement with this declaration, which may have been premature.

There have been accusations of foul play of various types. People voting in this election may have died long before they voted. Software programs tallying votes that registered the score incorrectly. Mysterious batches of ballots arriving in the dead of night, all for one candidate, and not the other.

Not many elections in history have been overturned, but I can’t help but notice when it has happened, it had to do with the tally registered incorrectly. That being said, this is not a done deal in my book. When the current President concedes, I will sing a different tune.

Love The Flow

Actually, I voted weeks ago. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, it probably comes to no surprise I voted to retain Mr. Trump as President.

Today, it was about getting my Mom to the local polls. It was the chilliest day in Florida in several months with a shot of cool air hitting us.

We left about 8:30 this morning to a jam packed polling station, easily the most crowded I’ve ever seen it to be in the decade and change I’ve lived here. I waited outside while my mother voted, in case I was called upon to assist.

Usually, that doesn’t happen. Today was a different story. Mom couldn’t make it through the two pages of ballots without frustration. Seeing that she had voted in the major races, we called it a morning.

So now, we wait for a winner, hoping the verdict is the right one and rendered relatively quickly.

Here’s How I’d Fix It

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There are 24 days left until the 2020 US elections that may very well change the history of our country. It is very difficult for the average American to discern how is the best candidate for their respective needs. The purpose of this blog entry is not to tell you who to vote for, but to ask: what can we do in future years to make the political process more transparent and to make it work better for us.

First, I think the voting process for the Presidency must change. I would be in a favor of scrapping the Electoral College with a simpler format: each state gets one vote, going to the winner of the election within that state. The winner of the election must win a majority of states (in the present case, 26 out of 50) – and should that not happen, the combined popular vote would then determines who wins.

Secondly, the debates preceding the election must also change – which you are more or less seeing now with the political corruption being exposed among who moderates the debates. My suggestion would be that any party who gets one percent of the vote or more in the prior election for the presidency gets a debate seat. I’d have one debate for the vice-presidential candidates, followed at a later debate with the presidential candidates.

Smaller debates (such as debates among the two leading candidates, for instance) would be encouraged – but the debates must follow a rigid format. In turn, determined by a coin toss or a random draw, each candidate asks a question of their own choice to a specific candidates or to the candidates as a group if there a multiple entrants. Once the agreed upon time limit concludes, the next candidate gets a turn – and all candidates get to ask an equal number of questions before the debate concludes.

Thirdly, there should be either term limits or no term limits on the Presidency, Senate, and the House of Representative collectively. I don’t care if we wind up with term limits or not, but the decision to have them or not must be the same across the board. Personally, I’d like to see a single-term limit for each office – once the term is used up, that’s it. Move on to another office or move back to where you came from.

Personally, I think these three fixes would go a long way to ending the era where the political realm is viewed upon as intellectual pornography. Who knows, we may even get better candidates out of the deal.