Aircheck: Clearwater Mall, 1/23/1993

Thanks to Rich Marino for putting this up. Good work, sir!

I don’t think this aired on the radio, so you had to be at the Clearwater Mall (which has since been remodeled, it’s just a bunch of stores now with no air-conditioned gathering central area) to attend this event.

The big story was Bob Lassiter’s (formerly of WFLA) return to the Tampa Bay market after a three and a half year or so absence. Neil Rogers and Randi Rhodes, two talk hosts heard on WSUN and WIOD in Miami, make the pilgrimage up to Clearwater to bolster 620’s “entertaining talk radio” lineup. Bob made his debut a few days later on February 1, 1993, lasting at WSUN a little over two and a half years before heading back to WFLA from 1996 to 1999.

I Gots To Know

It is said that it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than to ask for permission. 

See, I don’t know about that. My life experiences have suggested to me that you could get screwed either way. You ask for permission, it might not work out. Ditto with the forgiveness part. It’s what the Trekkies call a Kobayashi Maru, a no win scenario. 

If you really want to frustrate me, put me in a no win scenario. 

When I’ve been met with such decisions in my life, it has more or less paralyzed my thought process as to what to do. It also occasionally triggers me into a panic attack kind of condition where there’s this wave of doing the less rational thing that hits me. 

Sometimes I can resist that urge. Most times I can’t. Like the criminal in one of those Dirty Harry movies said, “I gots to know.”

For example, when I worked at Sun Radio in early 1991, the Persian Gulf War was going on. My shift ended at 6pm one day, but I had very little to do than to wait for my shift relief to arrive. 

We had an AP and a UPI wire service, and I was hearing the AP wires bleep out alarms at about 5:45. If I remember right, there had been a scud attack on Israel.

I was told beforehand that I wasn’t allowed to handle the AP machine, but seeing none of my co-workers around, I took charge. My co-workers reprimanded me when I admitted my guilt, but my supervisors who could have fired me did nothing. 

After that, no such restrictions were in place on me. I guess they saw I was trying to make the best decision I could given the situation, and I eventually earned the respect of the co-workers as well. 

But I could have done nothing, and avoided everything, conceivably. I chose to act, even though by doing so I’d take heat for it. 

One day I’ll learn to control these urges of mine. But at what price?

Aircheck: Sun Radio Network, 5/17/1991

I had mentioned back on Wednesday that when I worked for Sun Radio back in 1991, we once had Ric Flair on.

It was one of the few artifacts I had saved from my SRN days, for one reason on another. I didn’t think, even back then, that any of my radio work was going to be memorable other than to myself. But an interview with Flair, that, I thought on this May Friday in 1991, might be a keepsake.

So, I saved the cassette of the tape all these years, and when the YouTube era came, I still had an old karaoke machine, and dubbed it off to digital form back in 2013.

Anyway, it was an interesting day. I think for the most part I’ve left the commercials and news headlines in, plus a “closed circuit” two minute series of announcements that stations were more or less required to cover up with commercials.