I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

Occasionally in life, we stumble upon the things that improve our lives immensely. With that in mind, I think I stumbled upon the Rosetta Stone of how to deal with those crazy Asian telephonic scammers.

If they want to “improve” a good or service you have, like credit card debt or a car warranty – claim not to have it. “Sorry sir, I don’t have any credit cards.” Odds are, they won’t bother you once you tell them this.

On the other hand, if they want to “give” you something like solar energy or a back brace – tell them you already have one. Again, the odds are they will leave you alone once you tell them this.

In recent weeks, I’ve had a good deal of success using this approach. I’m not going to say that the Asian scammers won’t come back to my phone – but at least I’m not dealing with them in bulk as I have been. Give it a shot and see what happens.


The Artiste In Me

It’s one of those times in life that I haven’t found a hobby, but yet a hobby has found me.

Clip2comic is an iPhone app where you put in a photo and it makes cartoon out of it. And so, I’ve been taking photos of famous people and ran them through the app.

Sometimes it comes out well, sometimes it doesn’t, but I always seem to find the one color setting that works the best.

I think it gives these photos a bit of fresh air.

A Lap Too Early

I’m sure this is bound to have happened to someone in my blog audience.

You get sometime in the middle of the night for some bathroom relief. You don’t have access to the time or a clock (I was charging my phone last night), but you get the sense the sun is about to rise on a new day shortly. You go back to bed, making the mental note not to fall asleep so deeply.

A few hours go by – and it’s still dark, so it wasn’t that late (or early) after all. You fall asleep.

The next time your eyes open, it’s light out. And you wonder where time went.

The Shepherd Of Questionable Merit

When someone told me that Shepherd Smith had quit on the air a little after 4pm this past Friday, I was dumbfounded. There were rumors on social media of infighting between Shep and some of their other talent – but Smith had been there over a couple of decades, so I thought he was more or less untouchable.

I often say on here that at the age of 48, I often find parallels between current events and events from history. Smith’s exodus (or firing) reminded me of how Brent Musburger met the axe at CBS in 1990, and how no one really expected it or explained it in great detail.

News organizations are different beasts, and perhaps in this day and age obsolete ones. They tell you what you think is relevant when what they really do is insult your intelligence and play games of psychology on you. No wonder these media organizations openly collude with politicians to spin what they say the truth is.

They’d tell you anything to keep you around – so I guess the moral here is not to stay around.