A Week After The Jab

As I was saying last week, I’m now a week past my first COVID jab – and 19 days removed from my second. My purpose in writing these entries is my effort to show you how well the jabs work, or do not.

Mom’s been about the same since her hospital visit. The doctors think it’s a thyroid condition mimicking Alzheimer’s, but that runs on her end of the family. Her mother and my grandmother had a low thyroid and eventually had Alzheimer’s, while my four cousins on my Mom’s sister side have normal lives with low thyroid. I’m skeptical treating the thyroid will make a significant difference.

I suspect President Biden will lock the country down again next week – and that there will be some sort of resistance movement to it that will at least edge us closer to Civil War, if not get us there.

I’m just trying to live life a day at a time – not looking too far forward and not too far behind.

There’s talk of mandatory vaccines and blaming unvaccinated people for the lack of progress in terms of COVID. Needless to say, I don’t agree with that. When you give people the choice to get a vaccine or not, the choice is theirs – and the government should live with whatever the people decide without prejudice.

I got the shot a week ago because my mother was staying at a hospital at a point in time where COVID cases were spiking. If not for that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten one.

When August 23 comes, I will go get the second shot – hopefully I’ll be able to chronicle the ongoing results afterwards.

Woman Of Gold

Largo is the city was born and raised in. I went to Anona Elementary, Largo Middle, and Largo High in the 70s and 80s. I always believed in the greatness of my hometown.

I always thought one day we’d have someone from our city in the Olympics – and that someone would win a Gold medal from here.

Yesterday, that day came as Ana Zolotic won in the featherweight Taeknowdo tournament. Going back to my era, there were always classes teaching that martial art.

Ana became the first woman ever to win Gold in that sport for the United States.

Great day for the sport, perhaps a greater day for Largo.

Cancel The Olympics

Unless there is a last minute change of heart which I’m holding out hope for, the Tokyo Olympics begin Friday.

As much of a sports fan as I am, I’m advocating that the Games be postponed to 2024. There are concerns that overzealous promoters are ignoring warning signs, and that too many athletes are testing COVID positive. On top of that, COVID doesn’t seem to be under control in Japan.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense to hold the Games now – as it did not last year. Usually, I’m an advocate for sports continuing to go on, and that they’re a part of society on the whole. To my “Spidey Sense”, something seems wrong here.

If I were an IOC official, I would simply give Tokyo the next Olympics in 2024 and move everyone else on the schedule back four years and more time to prepare for their Olympics. Move Paris to 2028 and LA to 2032.

That’s how I’d fix it. Probably makes too much sense to happen.

Oops, We Did It Again

It’s another Stanley Cup for the Tampa Bay Lightning – this time, it’s Montreal who were the final opponents as the Bolts won the series four games to one.

These days, it’s very difficult to win consecutive championships in any sport – as the respective North American leagues design their sports that way with free agency and salary caps or luxury taxes. It’s not impossible – but if a team can win two in a row, they should be applauded.

Do I think the Lightning win three in a row? WAY too early to say – we don’t even know what the 2021-2022 season looks like. Until COVID is completely eradicated, no one knows.

Now it’s the turn of the Rays and Buccaneers. The Rays have been consistently near the top of the standings and have had flashes of brilliance. As for the Bucs, they may even be better this season – and they won it all last year.

It’s still an interesting time to be a sports fan here. That’s for sure.

Sports And The Closet

Carl Nassib became the first NFL player to come out as gay on social media yesterday. I think it’s something the sporting world is more or less ready for.

I have considerable doubt that he’s the first-ever gay NFL athlete, however. I can’t tell you who the first such player was because that probably will never be commonly acknowledged. But if a percentage of athletes in other sports are LGBT, it would make sense just from a statistical standpoint that athletes in more common sports are as well.

As I said, I think society is ready for it – that it can be dealt with maturely.

The Hobbyist

Everyone has a hobby – even if the hobby is quirky. As of late, mine has been sports gaming of mainly a low-tech nature.

I’ve been doing such a channel on YouTube to the point where I now have a Facebook group for it. It’s now expanded to board games, which I play on the channel once or twice a week.

A few days ago, I even started interviewing others in the field on a show I call The Meet. Looking forward to building that up.

The winds of change will always blow in ways no one can foresee. For now in terms of this particular hobby, things are running well.

The Next Jake Paul? Probably Not

Sorry for the lack of blog entries as of late. But I have been a few other places.

On Friday and Saturday, I’ve appeared on the YouTube channel of AlRedSoxFan. One talking about a computer wrestling sim called Wrestling’s sim, another just being general chit chat with Dave Gardner, co-host of the Digital to Dice Podcast.

Thinking there may be a future in this if time and fate allow it.

Here are the chats in chronological order.

All Star Game For Rent

Major League Baseball disinvited their all-stars to Atlanta in July as the league retracted the city from hosting the event over changes in Georgia’s voting laws.

I’m of the opinion that this sets a terrible precedent. Keep within the reigns of political correctness, or we’ll punish everyone in your metropolitan area to bring you to heel.

Personally, I think it would have been more courageous to continue the notion of holding the game there. Bring consciousness to the political issues at hand. But alas, we live in a world where the great political conversations of our day never get held, because they think there’s more to be gained that way.

Sooner or later, those discussions are going to occur. Burying heads in the sand just leaves you with sand in your hair.

Tiger’s Fate

When I heard the news for the first time last week, and saw the first images from the crash site – I thought we had lost yet another sporting legend too soon.

Between the Kobe Bryant crash and the reminiscences of the senior Dale Earnhardt’s fatal Daytona wreck of 2001 – this was all to familiar a scene.

Fortunately for us, and probably due to Tiger keeping himself in great physical shape, he survived the crash. One of his legs was badly damaged, needing rods and screws for immediate mending. Sports experts have already speculated whether or not he ever lays competitively again.

Did they already forget Tiger won a US Open in 2008 on practically a broken leg?

I look at it his way: if he doesn’t return, he had a hell of a career. If he does return, it’s another added dimension to an already incredible story. What he chooses to do is up to him.

The Bucs Knew How To Shine

Simply the best, better than all the rest.

Being a Tampa Bay sports fan right now is a gift that keeps on giving. Now the Buccaneers have repeated their 2003 feat, besting the Kansas City Chiefs to win the 55th Super Bowl 31-9. For the first time – Tampa Bay has two champions simultaneously: the Lightning, who won the Stanley Cup in September, and now the Bucs.

The big surprise last night in the Bucs championship was the game wasn’t close most of the way – and none of the football experts saw that coming.

It was a Super Bowl like none of the others – for one, it was a home game in the strictest of senses for one of the teams. Plus, the ongoing COVID pandemic limited attendance to the game to 22,000 fans and 30,000 cardboard cut outs of fans.

If the Buccaneer management keeps the team together, I could easily see the Bucs being contenders a year or two more. The defense grew by leaps and bounds in the waning games of the 2020-21 campaign. If they hit their stride as I think they might, the Bucs might not need much of an offense beyond the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tom Brady – now a holder of SEVEN Super Bowls.

If you had told me 20 years ago that there would be a guy who competed in ten Super Bowls and won seven of them, I would have thought you were crazy. When Brady retires – they shouldn’t wait to put him in the Hall of Fame. Give him the bust and the yellow jacket right away.

It’s so weird to see each of the Tampa Bay sports repeat almost exactly their greatest accomplishments all within a five years span.

Now, it’s the Lightning’s turn to break the cycle. So far they’ve won all but two of their games – so perhaps they can become the first Tampa Bay team to win two championships in a row.

A Super Day Unlike Any Other

It happened!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made history tonight, defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-26 to go to the 55th Super Bowl in two weeks. As of press time, we have yet to know who they play – it will either be the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs. The very stadium that the Bucs play in, Raymond James Stadium, hosts this year’s Super Bowl, the 55th one – making the Bucs the first team to literally host their own big game.

After the game, I felt like Walter Cronkite when Apollo 11 landed on the moon – I was speechless. For me, that’s not a common occurrence. I’ve been a Bucs fan all my life. Even with the acquisition of arguably the best quarterback ever in Tom Brady, I didn’t see the Buccaneers being this good this quickly.

A great moment for the Tampa Bay area, and these next two weeks are going to be crazy with the national spotlight being on the Buccaneers to win their own Super Bowl, now that they have gotten to host one.