Flashback: “Jump” by Van Halen

Thinking of this song today because the knee problems I’ve been having the past month and half are nearly over. This song was Van Halen’s biggest hit in the era where David Lee Roth was their lead singer, topping the charts 33 years ago this week in 1984.

God, the music was so much better back then, but that’s merely my opinion.

Clash Of The Titans

The ongoing war of words between President Trump and former President Obama is wearing me out, though I have little doubt Trump may very well be correct that he was being surveilled, if not wiretapped.

(I wrote this a couple of days before the latest round of Wikileaks came out, the “Vault 7” dump that uncovered the CIA’s surveillance techniques. In short, the gist of it was that not only could the CIA surveil someone, they could make it look like somebody else did it, like the Russians for instance. Sound familiar?)

Will we ever get down to the bottom of it? That seems to be the one thing that never seems to happen these days. The more questions there seems to be, the less answers the American public seem to get.

If the allegations are true, what can be done (or should be done) to the former President? It seems doubtful to me (though I never practiced law) that Mr. Obama could be tried criminally.

This will likely drag on in the court of public opinion for a while, as the press loves this kind of never ending nonsense. It gets tiring to watch, so I try hard these days to avoid the hysteria of cable news, and the corporations who own them.

An Oldie But A Goodie

This is an old pic of me, going back to around 1975. I put this up to my Instagram page not too long ago, and friends loved it.

The pic was taken by an older couple named Steve and Margaret, whose last names I forget, other than it began with an O. They were co-workers with my mom and dad, who all worked at Publix Super Markets at the time, then a grocery store exclusively in Florida. I believe (though I may be incorrect) that they all worked at the store on Indian Rocks Road in Largo, Florida.

There was a time when both of my parents.worked in the late afternoons to the evenings, so “Steve O.” and his wife would babysit and generally keep me busy. I guess at one point, they wanted me to get out and play, but not get a sunburn.

That’s pretty much the story behind that pic, such as it is.

The Games Played With Games

As a sports fan almost all my life, I do find it meddlesome at times when the rules of sports get tweaked. 

Recently, MLB changed the rules concerning intentional walks. The runner is now just awarded first base with no pitches thrown. I’ve seen wild pitches thrown during intentional walks. Now that can’t happen. 

Ditto the NFL a couple of years ago making the extra point after a touchdown. Takes out the possibility of a team faking a kicked extra point and going for two points with a run or pass out of a kicked formation. 

NASCAR keeps changing their standings points system. This year, they are dividing races into segments and awarding points to who leads 30 percent and 60 percent through the races.

To me, this is a bit strange. Do they remember who had the lead a quarter of the way thru the Kentucky Derby, or the Boston marathon?  Probably not. 

20 Items Or Less: Here We Go Again

Believe it or not, it happened again.

A trip to Walmart earlier in 2017.

I was at the local Walmart here in Pinellas Park on Saturday, and I didn’t have a lot to get. I’m getting near the end of my hunt, and I’m counting items.

At the end, my count is at 19, or so I think. Perfect! I can get at the “20 items or less” lane and likely save some time. The Walmart employees have given me guff last year about using the automated checkout, the only problem was every time they dinged me, they were wrong.

Surely in a lane with a cashier, they wouldn’t do this again. But they did. And I was wrong. I didn’t have 19 items. I had 20. The horror and sacrilege!!!

This cashier also didn’t like the fact that I was correct. Every time I tried to grab a plastic bag from the rotating tray, she’d spin it around on me. Then she tried to shoo me without giving me a receipt, but I demanded it.

She told me she was sorry, flashing me a fake smile.

I shot back, “No argument from me.”

And so, the persecution of 20-item shoppers or thereabouts goes on. If it happens again, I think I have a good idea what to do, but I’ll save that for another post some time in the future.

Aircheck: Various Tampa Bay Area Stations, 4/1977

It’s the spring time of 1977, nearly 40 years ago. It’s back when Top 40 radio was still prominently on the AM dial.

This aircheck is of a composite of radio stations, including the first station I ever worked at, WTAN in Clearwater, and how they sounded back then. Also included are stations in the Sarasota and Lakeland areas like WKXY and WONN.