Game Of Pundits


I’ve recently noticed something watching cable news, mainly watching FNC and CNN, and it has made me wonder what took me so long to see this.

Each network has a lot of pundits that they want you to hear. On CNN its liberal, on FNC, conservatives. What I have noticed is who each network hires to serve the opposition.

On FNC, the main liberal pundits, or the selection of them, want to give you the hidden impression that they’re flawed somehow. I see Marie Harf, a nice looking blonde woman and a former State Department spokesperson, on FNC often being shouted down on Outnumbered.

Then there’s Jessica Tarlov, who has this sound to her when she speaks friends of mine find annoying. Or Richard Fowler, who leaves some wondering when he speaks whether or not he’s gay, not that this any of my business or that he is.

CNN’s main Trump go-to guy is Jeffrey Lord, and older gentleman who serves his role well as their agent provocateur.

I think it’s like product placement in a movie or TV show really. There to distract you so you’re thinking about how they look or how they talk as opposed to actually hearing what they say. Maybe it’s been there a while, I don’t know.

No, Soliciting (Is) Allowed

It is illegal where I live to have people doing door-to-door soliciting, but it doesn't stop people from making the attempt. Early in the morning yesterday, such an attempt was made. Some candidate running for our local county commission was collecting signatures.

The schemer in me (which sometimes controls my mouth) asked if there was information I could look at, which he left with me. Originally, I thought about sharing that information here, but that may not be in the best interests of fairness.

I didn't ask the gentleman if he was aware of his soliciting being illegal, nor did I inform him of same. Nor did I give my signature. It's the duty job to enforce their rules, not mine to play their police officer.

There was a time in my life when I would be willing to be a social justice warrior, but that time in my life has come and gone. I just want people to leave me alone these days. I don't bother anyone, so why should they bother me?

Auntie Em, Is That You?

If you didn't turn on the news or the weather Monday morning, you wouldn't have known that a Tropical Storm had passed through my neck of the woods, even if you lived here.

The storm was just a lot of rain and little else, thank goodness. The last major hurricane to hit Pinellas goes back to 1921, and that streak will stay in tact for at least another storm.

I was reading that Washington Post article that theorizes a hurricane hitting Tampa Bay would rival or surpass the major damage New Orleans suffered during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I don't think it's an impossible premise, but I'd do everything in my power not to be here to find out, I'd evacuate, if at all possible.

Another storm in the books, but the hurricane season peak isn't that far away.

A Good Walk Spoiled

A little known fact about myself: I'm not afraid to walk a good distance if I have to. One day in 2004, I walked about 12 miles on the Pinellas Trail from the Tyrone area of St. Pete to Largo to the apartment where I lived at the time. I did that on a warm late September day, staying hydrated here and there.

Last Thursday, I thought I would walk a couple of miles from an appointment I had to my home in Pinellas Park, where I live now. I hadn't walked that great a distance in a while, but I figured as long as I had water with me, I'd be fine.

Right? Wrong.

I'd gotten almost half way thru the trip, and all of a sudden my body felt I had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. I was walking slow, and had started to waddle a bit. I had to call a friend to give me a lift back home, realizing I was in trouble.

By the time I got back, my body was reacting like it never had before. I was getting light headed, and struggled to get in with my key. I plopped on the bed, taking the ice pack I had to keep my water cold and applied it to my forehead. A bit later, I was fine.

What the hell happened, though? My body never reacted like that, ever. Was it the heat? It was a rather warm day in Florida, about 95 and no rain. I did wait until I got about half way through my walk before I went to my water, so maybe that contributed to it.

I just think I got older, and thus not as acclimated to my environment as I once was. So, I leave this here as a cautionary tale.