Harry And The Lawn Proletariat


People who don’t like Mondays probably wouldn’t like my complex here in Pinellas Park.

A couple of years ago, a welcome change was made. Instead of the complex having lawn workers doing their bidding on Fridays (every other week from October to April, every week in the summer), they moved their worked to Mondays. This seems to work out a lot better for us, because we get a lot of rain in the summertime. That means instead of having our Saturdays at risk (which really isn’t fair to us, since we don’t control the weather), they just come during the next available weekday.


My cat Harry, like many other cats, has an aversion to sharp noises.

(For those of you new to the blog, I’ve known Harry since Christmas of 2008, taken care of him on and off since 2010, and permanently since early 2015. He’s a tabby, and will turn eight on July 4th. That will make him, in human terms, 48 years old…and I’ve known Harry since he was nearly a babe.)

When the lawn people come, cutting the grass and whacking out of shape weeds, Harry usually makes a bee line for under my bed or under a reclining chair in the enclosed patio if I’m not home. Not even catnip flavored Temptation treats (his favorite) can coax him out once he sets up camp in either place.

By noon, maybe 1pm at the outside, it’s all over with. If I’m home, I usually give Harry a treat for surviving the “ordeal” and life returns to normal.

Until the following Monday..

Miami Beats The Odds

Duke and Miami battled each other in a college football game Halloween night, which had a totally bizarre ending.

Miami trailed 27-24 with six seconds left in game, meaning any kickoff return would have to go for a touchdown for Miami to win. In these situations, it’s not too unusual for the trailing team to move down the field as if it were a rugby game. They cannot pass the ball forward and advance it, but they can pass backward or laterally.

In a college football game back in 1982, California beat Stanford on a kickoff return on the final play of the game lateraled five times. (Joe Starkey is the announcer going berserk at the end of the play, having never seen a finish like that, nor had anyone else up to that point.) Miami lateraled the ball a whopping eight times, and at one time backed themselves up to nearly their own goal line. Despite what appeared to be at least two blocking in the back penalties the officiating crew missed (you have to block the front side of an opposing player, blocking the side or the back is illegal when caught), the touchdown stood. Miami “hit the slot machine” and pulled off a 30-27 win.

Allen Bestwick’s call of the touchdown on ESPN was EXACTLY how you should call such a play, in my opinion. He reminded the viewers what was at stake during the play, and when it looked like Miami had the touchdown, he mainly let the pictures tell the story, providing minimal commentary of it which explained the significance of the event transpiring. Who says he can’t call a football game?

It’s a beautiful play when it’s pulled off, but those times are incredibly rare.

The Bucs Find Neverland…Again

Jameis might want to consider playing baseball as opposed to the NFL...
Jameis Winston might want to consider playing baseball as opposed to the NFL…

I’ve been a Bucs fan a long time, and I am hard pressed to find an opening game that could make me more discouraged than the 42-14 blowout they suffered at the hands of the Tennessee Titans, who went 2-14 in 2014.

The game wasn’t even THAT close. It was 35-7 at halftime until Tennessee called off the dogs early in the second half and cruised to victory.

To their credit, I thought the Titans played very well. They built their offense around their first-round NFL draft pick, Marcus Mariota, flying around the field like his college team, the Oregon Ducks.

The Bucs on the other hand are trying to fit Jameis Winston into an offense for a head coach who has never had great offenses in Lovie Smith, either here or in Chicago when he took the Bears to the Super Bowl nine seasons ago off of a good defense and a special teams weapon in Devin Hester.

The Bucs don’t have a good defense, nor good special teams. Wherever Lovie is staying in this great Tampa Bay area, I hope he’s merely renting property, not owning it. It was an extremely disappointing way to start the 2015-2016 campaign that doesn’t conclude until they play Carolina in Charlotte on January 3, 2016. That date seems a long, long ways away now.