Just Another Moral Paradox

It was announced this morning of April 13 that one of the companies making COVID vaccines, Johnson and Johnson, is being halted due to concerns of blood clotting.

That’s the vaccine that Walmart was offering that was a one shot process – that I would have gotten in the next week or so.

I don’t want to sound like a tin-foil anti-vaxxer here, but I’d stay away from getting these shots if you can get away with doing so, at least for now. In my personal life and travels, I don’t know of anyone who is or has tested positive for COVID.

But that’s my life – your mileage may vary a bit or a lot.

The other big question in my mind is that these strains popping up all over the world may have the ability to make any of the vaccines out there now ineffective.

I’m sure that conscience of our country will put public pressure on us to get the shots just as they did with the masks. I just don’t want to be the fool who rushes in where mortals fear to dread.

Business Picks Up

It’s been a crazy week in my life – but these days, whose life isn’t been or hasn’t been crazy?

Regretfully, I started another GoFundMe in an effort to raise funds for the whatnots life brings. If you want to contribute to it, feel free. I also set up a CashApp account to raise funds – that’s available at $PaulBlom.

As soon as I set that up, I wound up getting a job I can do from home with Datalot helping people with insurance problems of all sorts. I start training on that Tuesday, then I work weekdays for five hours a day from 12p, to 5pm – perfect for what I need at the hourly rate they are offering.

And oh yes, the Rays are in the World Series – as I type this, three wins away from a possible World Series championship. I have no ill will for the Dodgers – another fine squad that’s played astoundingly well the past few seasons. Personally, I think the Rays play with house money now. If they win, they are the best – if they lose, they lose to the best.

He Still Stands

As of the moment I write this, the President is back at the White House, having survived his COVID episode as the odds would seem to dictate.

The media didn’t seem to enjoy the President’s recovery, the way his every move was criticized by them in the days of his hospitalization. Whether you like the man or not, the media more or less has lost its way regarding who they are partial to.

If Mr. Trump beats the odds again four weeks from now, then what? Unless the constitution changes, Trump can’t run for a third term. Then you have a “jump ball” for 2024 where either side could likely control the Presidency.

With 2020 being such an off the charts crazy year, what does that entail for the four years ahead if DJT wins? Will the Democrats cease their constant resistance? I doubt it.

The World Changes Again

On this October 2nd, we are reminded that 2020 is a gift that keeps on taking from all of us.

President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID and are quarantining. It’s too early to say who else also caught it who has been in the President’s circle as of the moment of this posting.

I’m sure there will be a ton of second guessing on many fronts. I will merely wish the President and Melania well for now, and hope you will join me in those wishes.

I Owe My Soul To The Company Store

The world of COVID-19 is a strange place. Up is down, left is right, you make money not working – well, most of you know the rest.

In the song Tennessee Ernie Ford made famous in 1955, owing one’s soul to the company store is a bad thing. So naturally, in COVID world – it’s a good thing.

I’m still waiting to work my second day at Walmart – nearly two months after my first day. They are so concerned about workers coming down with COVID and being well enough to work that they’re paying me nor to, as I’ve mentioned before on here.

I don’t want to mention how much I’m getting from Walmart – but it is enough to get by on until they call me in to work for them again. When the call comes, I plan to be ready – after all, I owe them my soul for keeping me afloat all of this time.

Pressure Is A Privilege, You Say?

Today, I’m feeling the pressure of what I’m thinking wi;; be a critical few days in my future. If the job works out, it gives me breathing room – if and until that changes.

I’ve been trying to get into watching the Rays games – it just doesn’t feel the same these days. Players are continuing to catch COVID to the point where the entire MLB season my be cancelled for the first time in its history. Hoping that doesn’t happen, obviously – we need success stories in sports, not failures.

I mentioned a while back that the time Big Brother season open came and went – but it does look like they’re going to give it a try with an All-Star season beginning on Wednesday. Usually we know by now who is playing and a gist off what the game will entail – but all we know about BB22 is that it will be an All-Star season just as BB7 was in 2006. Usually I want to see a good season – but this year, I’m rooting for everyone to make it through the season. We need success stories, not failures.

If I’m feeling the pressure that seems to be out there, I’m sure there are pressures in your life that you’re dealing with unlike ever before. The stresses we are all communally dealing with can’t be good. Lord willing, I’ll be back next week with a few more entries.

Put The Numbers To The Test

Here’s my open challenge to the bureaucrats who force us to wear masks in public now. That challenge is this: show us the numbers.

The media and government authorities claim that there is an uptick in the total number of positive tests of late – hence, the need for everybody to wear a mask despite whatever physical condition each individual may be in. I think that it may be possible that one of two things is happening. Possibility one: that the tests are being done with outdated equipment that results in positive test findings that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. Possibility two: the simple reason more positive tests are being found is that more people are being tested.

There’s a sure fire way of knowing whether or not COVID has grown into more of a threat – and I am shocked that no one in the media asks this question: what is the ratio of positive tests as opposed to the total number of tests? For instance, in baseball – if a player gets 100 hits in a season, that might be good. It all depends on the total number of at-bats the player got. If he had 300 at-bats, his batting average is .333, which is usually a fine average – but if he had 600 at-bats, that batting average is instead .167, which would make him an exceptionally poor hitter.

Are these statistics not being kept? If so, why? If they are, why does the media as a whole overlook them? Logically, there is reason to believe we are not getting the full story here – and that the outcome and what is expected of us is being politically maneuvered.

The numbers just don’t add up. If we are “doing our part” here, we at least deserve to know exactly why we need to do it – do we not?

Comply Or Else

And here we go again, Florida.

The county to my north (Pasco County) and the county to my east (Hillsborough County) have now passed orders that it is mandatory for all of us to wear masks. Of course, they didn’t give the residents a chance to vote on this – they decreed it from on high. Later in the evening, Pinellas County, my county, followed suit with a mandatory face mask order.

Since COVID hit, I’ve worn a mask a whopping total of one time – to comply with my Walmart hair salon wanted in order to get a haircut. I’m not looking forward to having to mandatorily wear one to get food there – and the choice will likely come from a handful of bureaucrats who a few short months ago never would have dreamed they’d have this much power in our everyday lives.

To make wearing masks mandatory is shaky ground – as I believe, due to what will likely be the lack of an ability to enforce the law, that the decision should be best made on an individual basis. If any of you readers feel you need the protection, by all means wear your mask. If you don’t feel that way – I’m perfectly okay with your decision to go maskless.

I remember a time in Florida in my young adult life in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when seat belts weren’t mandatory – and most of the time when you don’t wear one, it comes at your peril if you get into a serious accident. Then a bunch of bureaucrats decided that we collectively were making bad decisions – so that decision went away.

Then when 9/11 happened, your “freedoms” become limited whenever you went to the airport – even though no American was involved in the hijacking of those four planes that one day. (That is, at least that we know of.) Governments always say they’re looking out for you – yet they find ways to take more power here, and more power there.

They want to get you acclimated to a state of compliance, doing it in ways that forces the public to comply out of peer pressure or being put in significant inconveniences. The day will come – at the rate we’re going, probably not that too far away – where Americans refuse to comply, taking whatever risks come of it. Then what will government do?

Man Behind The Mask

I finally got around to getting a haircut yesterday. I was going to get one in March, honestly – but then world events and whatever it is you want to call this event happened. Florida hasn’t gone through all the trevail that some other states have – so hair salons have now been open for almost two weeks.

As are most things in our current normal, getting a haircut isn’t as easy as it once was. I had to call the Walmart hair salon in the morning to set up the noon appointment – which could be done beforehand, but is now a requirement. There are no benches to sit on nearby the area, and the front gate is closed and guarded. You can’t pay by cash for now – all transactions have to be done by the plastic of a credit or debit card.

You also have to wear a surgical mask while getting your hair trimmed. Prior to yesterday, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore such a mask – if ever. After the haircut, I kept the mask on and continued shopping, and I seem to fit in with the 75 percent or so also wearing masks at Wally World.

Let’s just say it was different. I’m keeping the mask around with plans to wash it the next time I do laundry. The way things go – who knows, I may need it.

America’s Green Flag

Photo by Bob Ward on Pexels.com

It’s now the week before Memorial Day – and the media is telling that more than 90,000 have died from the COVID virus that has plagued the world these last few months.

The good news is that there are signs of life emerging. Between the UFC, golf, and a NASCAR race in Darlington, South Carolina, there were some honest to goodness sports to watch for a change. Kevin Harvick won the NASCAR event – an actual event, no computer simulation – but no fans allowed to attend. If you missed the race yesterday, no problem – there will be another televised race from there Wednesday night as stock car racing’s biggest circuit tries to give everyone the seat time lost over the past ten weeks.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to keep some resemblance of sports going – World War II didn’t stop baseball from continuing on, albeit with the best players joining the war effort. There’s an ongoing fight and debate as to what to reopen and when, but I have to tell you – I root for America and the America of old to return. While it’s always best to be safe while doing so, safety is up to all of us individually. When we ask government to intercede in those efforts, they overstep their authority.

Nancy Offers Us Crumbs

I’m starting to think that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hates America – as if her recent antics (such as tearing up President Trump’s State Of The Union speech back in February) left us any doubt.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives made a proposal for yet another stimulus package – this one would add another $3-trillion to the national debt that future generations will have to pay off. What should get every American wound up is that in the legislation – if it ever passes, which is no certainty – there’s another $1,200 stimulus check.

Democrats were pushing a higher figure, delivered more frequently than one time at some point ahead in the future vaguely being mentioned. There were proposals of $2,000 a month for several months on the drawing board, and another proposal talked about of giving us $5,000. Instead, the Dems settled on a second one-time payment, obscured in a bill that is otherwise loaded with unpassable “pork” projects that have no chance at passing.

I knew the bill was going to be rather impossible to pass – you know how? On Monday afternoon past at a recent President Trump press conference, the media finally asked a question about a second stimulus check. To my way of thinking, they will use this as a political weapon against POTUS – saying somehow that he doesn’t want to help the American people (there’s that phrase again that I loathe). In fact, it was Pelosi and her retinue that neutered a bill that would have given us more.

Oh by the way, it’s an election year – during a time of emergency that appears to be fading, for now. Instead of rising to the challenge, it seems the inmates still have a foothold on running the asylum, and that’s the real tragedy here.

The Return To Normalcy

There’s something in the air in my surroundings – and for once it’s not that long “C” word. I believe that “something” is that ongoing belief and hope that life is returning to normal.

Here in Florida, we’ve entered a new phase in the process in getting life back to normal by the end of the month – hair salons are reopening. The haircut I needed before the virus hit, well that’s now going to happen sooner rather than later – as opposed to “later rather than sooner” we’ve been living under as of late.

Another sign of events changing hit me a little after 7:00 this morning – though I was already awake when it happened. A few houses away, there was the loud banging of a house roof being worked on, as is the case in my neighborhood here and there during normal course of events. My housing complex hires a team to fix the house roofs once per ten years – and now they have been deemed ready to resume their work.

The only matter left to resolve is if we (oh I hate this phrase, but I have to use it here: the American people) get any more stimulus money on top of the $1,200 most of us have already gotten. With Congress and the President locked in a figurative mortal combat – don’t expect an answer anytime in the near future, or at least I’m not. I would just wish that if we’re not getting any more money that such a declaration should be made – so we can figure out what to do with the windfall (or lack of same) we have.

There are always going to be risks that this goes sour again, but I think we have to make the best of what we have for the time being.