Aircheck: WFLA-AM, 6/6/1991

I’ve had this in my collection for many years, and finally got around to converting it to an mp3 file back in 2013, then turning it into a YouTube video. (Only had the first hour of a three hour show, though. Sorry.)

Back then, WFLA was still locally driven, with talk show hosts on the political left and right. Now, the station is owned by Clear Channel, and syndicated conservative talk is the order of the day.

Personally, I thought this WFLA at its peak. All voices and opinions welcomed. A shame stations aren’t run this way today.

Aircheck: CBS, 9/18/1977

A few old-school football highlights from “The NFL Today” for you this weekend, in honor of both Brent Musberger’s retirement and the Super Bowl tomorrow.

Back in the day  before computers, sports pagers, and ESPN, if you wanted to know what was going on in the sports world CBS didn’t air in your area, you watched the highlights at halftime. 

These clips are from the first week of the 1977 NFL season, the last to go only 14 weeks, with each team playing 14 games without the benefit of bye weeks. The Dallas Cowboys were the big winners of the season, beating Denver 27-10 to win the 12th Super Bowl.


Aircheck: WLS AM (Chicago), 12/21/1990

Here’s a look at the late “Mad Dog” Bob Lassiter, back when he was on WLS in Chicago near Christmas time of 1990.

Lassiter was better known for being a ratings winner for various stations in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market in the late 80’s and mid-to-late 90’s. He seems out of place in Chicago, as executives for the ABC station did all they could to rein him in, with Lassiter retorting by being in a state of denial that he ever worked at Tampa station WFLA.

Bob and WLS would part ways in 1991, with Lassiter reappearing in the Tampa Bay market at WSUN in early 1993.

I always enjoyed Bob’s shows. The difference between his work and what you hear on talk radio these days is a simple one. Now, you’re told what to think by these robotic hosts, outside of a few. Back in the heyday of talk radio (which I consider the 80’s and 90’s), you were taught HOW to think. A significant difference.

Aircheck: CBS, 12/24/1968

It was the first time American astronauts had been in space over the Christmas holiday. It was also the first time ever (unless some ancient trip is ever unearthed) that man had such a close-up of Earth’s moon. That’s what occurred during the mission of Apollo 8, which orbited the moon several times in those last few days of 1968, one of the “dress rehearsals” for the moon landings that began seven months later with the Apollo 11 mission.

Quite fittingly, the three astronauts, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and William Anders, read from the biblical book of Genesis in the final part of their transmission. After which, the legendary Walter Cronkite sums things up. A couple of days later, the astronauts successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean in their spacecraft, and another stepping stone to man’s greatest achievement was checked off.

Aircheck: WLCY-FM, 8/1975

I love Tampa Bay radio airchecks prior to the 80’s!

Today’s trip takes us back to WLCY-FM, 94.9 on our area’s radio dial in August of 1975. A year later, the station changed it’s call letters to WYNF, going to a top-40 format up until 1980, then to a hard rock format that lasted until the mid-90’s while going thru a few ownership changes.

The station was then bought by Cox Broadcasting, going to a softer pop format it’s kept ever since. A few years ago, it was the all-Christmas music station in the area from Black Friday thru Christmas Day, but they gave that format to easy listening station WDUV a few years ago.