Flashback: “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie

If you haven’t heard yet, singer and occasional actor David Bowie passed away today at the age of 69.

I wasn’t really aware of David’s work until MTV played what would turn out to be his biggest hit over and over, “Let’s Dance,” in early 1983.  I had a little tape recorder on Q-105, the local Tampa Bay top-40 station one night, when I heard the now familiar opening 32 beats, “Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh” as it aired on the radio (and only the radio) for the first time.

The irony of his passing now is that his wife Angie is currently in the UK playing in Celebrity Big Brother. I hope the show lets her go from the game if that’s her wish. No need to keep her there once she finds out.

Rest peacefully, David. You were an innovator.