Hackis Interruptus

A week ago Wednesday (August 20th), I woke up, put out the garbage, read the mail, and discovered that someone had put $500 into my Paypal account.

Sounds nice, right? Well, only one problem with that. They did so by attempting to pull the same amount of money out of my Bank of America checking account, which did NOT have $500 in it. After doing some swearing at nobody in particular, and changing my hacked Paypal password, I made some phone calls, and had Bank of America put a stop order on the attempted withdrawal, coming through for me when I really needed it. It’s now set up so that any further attempts at hacking my Paypal account will be ignored. It also means I will have to use another E-mail account to set up another Paypal account if that need ever arises. I used to use it when I did transcription work, withdrawing money from it when I got paid every Monday. If I ever go back to that, I’ll have to make other arrangements.

Keep on eye on these hackers! Just because you leave chump change in cyberspace doesn’t mean they will leave you alone. Found that out the hard way.


The Sloppy Slurpee

It was that time of month again.  Off to the Bank of America on Park Boulevard to pay some bills.

It’s become a tradition of mine that when I go to BOA, I usually also go to the 7-Eleven and make myself one of those ridiculous sugar-coated Slurpees.  I grab the largest cup and let rip with a Coca-Cola concoction.

While I’m pouring, my mind wondered about this and that, and I forgot to mentally mark a point on the cup to stop with the pour.  My mind panicked, sending the command of “STOP!” to my arms and hands.  It looked at first as if I had stopped it in time, but by the time I applied the lid to the slurpee, the frozen liquid was getting on the aluminum table-top above the trash can.

I looked for paper towels, there weren’t any.

So I did what any responsible adult would do.  I held the leaky cup of Slurpee until it was my turn at the register, and alerted to the attendant to what had happened.  I was very thankful she had some paper towel on hand so wrap around the bottom of the cup and to clean up my hands.  I felt like a six year old.  No, strike that…a four year old.  When I was little and I’d get a Slurpee on a Monday afternoon after school, I never made a mess that big.

Maybe I should just stick to Big Gulps.

But when you do something wrong, own your mistake.

Requiem For A Slurpee

Today I did something I haven’t done in years.  I went to a local 7-Eleven and bought a cherry Slurpee.

When I went to Anona Elementary School on the southwest part of Largo, Florida back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, there was a 7-Eleven within a short walk from the school.  It’s no longer there, having been replaced by a restaurant a couple of decades ago.  But on Mondays after school let out, my mom would pick me up and would give me the buck or so to get a Slurpee.  Just a little reward for getting through the longest day of the week.  Today’s large Slurpee set me back $1.92, and the cashiers were shooting me looks as if I get one of these every day, thanks to my size.  If only they knew the truth.

Why I chose today to do it I have no idea in retrospect.  It was in the upper 40’s here in Pinellas County this late March morning.  And with the high humidity rates in Florida, you tend feel the chill much more than you do up north.  People break out winter jackets around here when it gets below 70.  I’m serious.  It’s just one of those things about Florida you have to feel to totally understand, I suppose.

So I have to go to the Bank of America ATM to make my monthly deposit of funds to pay the bills.  As I’m walking over, I’m sipping my Slurpee, and as I get my wallet out, my hands feel as if they’ve been encased in blocks on ice!  The cold Slurpee drink has moved around inside of my limbs, and I had to move around a bit before heading home to get my blood recirculated.  Never hurts to exercise…well maybe your muscles, but generally it’s a healthy idea.

The War Against Pedestrians

Had to put a little cash in the bank today, so I went to the Bank Of America over on Park Boulevard just west of 49th Street here in Pinellas Park.  Unlike my debacle there back on December 3rd, things went smoothly this time.

On the walk home, I encountered three separate incidents where cars were parked in the crosswalks to where I had to get out of my designated areas because drivers couldn’t stay in theirs.  Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe people were just in a hurry today, but the motto of the day seemed to be: when it doubt, stick it out.

So I can only hope the Pinellas Park Police Department reads this blog and starts cracking down.  Pedestrians and drivers should share the road, and drivers shouldn’t be allowed to force pedestrians out of the crosswalk to get across the street.

Have a great weekend, and a Happy New Year.  I’ll be back on January 2nd, 2013, Lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise.