What A Day

Today (the 17th of December, 2014) is one of those days people are going to need a few days to digest before they take in all that happened.

Let’s start off with what’s going on with me.  Mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they were updating the cable, and while I wasn’t happy about it all, I figured it would be best if I volunteered to meet the change and not make it look like I was kicking and screaming about it.  It’s the most complex cable arrangement I have seen in my life, turning the 80 channel or so system we have into a 300+ channel monstrosity.  Still haven’t figured it all out yet, and it’s a bit of a shock because I’m not so used to being so technically challenged.

I’m just happy it came with the NFL Network, so I can watch the games Saturday.

We’re suddenly buddies with Cuba again, and who would have thought prior to today this was going to happen?  It’s one of those things that was probably going to happen soon no matter which party owned the White House, but with Russia economically reeling, I guess this was as good a time as any.

Then there’s that flap over the movie called “The Interview” that won’t be released now, thanks to Sony Entertainment getting hacked by, apparently, North Korea.  All this hullabaloo over a damn movie.  Really?  Movies are supposed to be art forms, right?  The leader of North Korea isn’t the first world poobah to be parodied, won’t be the last.  I wish the Sony people had stood up to the government, but they had to do what was best for business at the end of the day.

All I got for today…but wasn’t it enough for you?

Things I Miss, Now That I’m Older

I miss the days when there was just the ABC, CBS, NBC and maybe an independent station on TV. It seems the more TV there is, the less TV there is to watch.

I also miss cable TV when it only had a handful of channels.

I miss the days of true “pop” music, before it was dominated by rap, heavy metal, and anyone who could make a good music video.

As much as I like reality TV, I miss the days before it.

I miss when MTV just played music videos.

I miss sneaking a peek at Johnny Carson’s show, even though it was way past “my bedtime” and that some of the jokes weren’t meant to be understood to my limited childish understanding.  (Like the whole thing with the Slauson Cutoff, and why I should cut off my Slauson…and what was a Slauson anyway?)

Oh, and I miss Bowling for Dollars, too.  It was so simple, my mind of a few years old could understand it.

Just saying…

Games TV Stations Play

So this weekend, I watched an NCAA and an NFL game on the CBS station here, WTSP, Channel 10 on the dial.  Of course, they don’t have dials anymore, just numbers you press into a TV remote.

On both days, WTSP was running scrolling messages about how DISH TV subscribers were about to lose access to the channel, and reminding viewers of this every half hour.  Fine and dandy.

My only problem with this is that they run the message right over the superimposed scoreboard graphic CBS has at the top of the screen.  Not only on Saturday but on Sunday.  WFLA did this last year for one of their cable disputes during a Sunday Night Football game.  They just so happen to put that message on the screen to block the scoreboard graphic on the bottom of the screen, where NBC keeps theirs.

A shame commercial TV has gone the way of public radio and television, where they hold the viewers hostage if you don’t make those all-important pledges. Now they hold us hostage over something we can’t control: cable and satellite rights.