Life After (Or Without) Facebook


Full disclosure: I wasn’t going to do this until March 1st, but I found myself sitting in my office on Monday afternoon (February 26th), wondering: why not do this now?

With that thought, I have deactivated my Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts that particular afternoon. It just hit me – why do I need to be on all of these things? To be on a device with all of my relatives, former friends and classmates – so they can, to some extent, watch over me and judge me. It began to feel more and more like some sort of grandiose psychological experiment. Therefore, why is this important to ME?

I enjoy Twitter. I enjoy blogging. These things will remain around in my social media life. I don’t intend to stop blogging unless God has other plans for me he’s yet to tell me about, and that will ultimately happen one day – because that day hits all of us.

The idea really began to percolate in my brain this past weekend. There was a story in the news out of South Florida about a “town hall” CNN had staged in light of the school shooting that killed 17 in Broward County. One of the students claimed elements of the show were essentially rigged, and I publicly posted on Facebook (based on some of my own media dealings) that this was probably true.

Most people liked what I had said – but what I thought was weird was who had objected to my observations directly. One was a classmate who only chats with me to disagree. The other was someone who was a friend of one of my high school friends who I don’t believe I’ve ever met, reminding me when I pointed out that when the Pinellas Park High School shooting occurred in 1988 we didn’t blame President Reagan – he reminded me that Reagan himself survived an assassination attempt in 1981.

It was a valid point, and I conceded as such. But when people go way out of what you perceive as “their way” (again – my perception, not theirs) to argue with you, what does that say about the arguments, and thus, about us?

Hence this experiment. Facebook makes me feel most times like I’m in a padded room, wearing a straight jacket I can’t get out of. Those who want to reconnect with me will find the way to do it. I’ll lose some of the connections I’ve made and enjoyed, sure – there’s a sort of social media Darwinism that will take place, I suppose. But why not give it a try? I might actually feel a little better about life, and how is that bad if that’s what winds up happening?

I’ll probably get back to this in the days ahead. Bear with me.


Acosta vs. Miller

I thought I would post, without much comment, last week's spat between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and White House adviser Stephen Miller without much commentary, other than an exhibit of the dysfunctional relationship the current President has with the media.

As I said on Twitter right after it happened:

Hopefully both sides can remember their civility in the future. It's not helpful to the country.

Game Of Pundits


I’ve recently noticed something watching cable news, mainly watching FNC and CNN, and it has made me wonder what took me so long to see this.

Each network has a lot of pundits that they want you to hear. On CNN its liberal, on FNC, conservatives. What I have noticed is who each network hires to serve the opposition.

On FNC, the main liberal pundits, or the selection of them, want to give you the hidden impression that they’re flawed somehow. I see Marie Harf, a nice looking blonde woman and a former State Department spokesperson, on FNC often being shouted down on Outnumbered.

Then there’s Jessica Tarlov, who has this sound to her when she speaks friends of mine find annoying. Or Richard Fowler, who leaves some wondering when he speaks whether or not he’s gay, not that this any of my business or that he is.

CNN’s main Trump go-to guy is Jeffrey Lord, and older gentleman who serves his role well as their agent provocateur.

I think it’s like product placement in a movie or TV show really. There to distract you so you’re thinking about how they look or how they talk as opposed to actually hearing what they say. Maybe it’s been there a while, I don’t know.

Russia, Hoaxes, and Hucksters


I’m really trying hard not too talk too much about politics on this blog here in the ol’ 2-0-1-7, common era. But the media infatuation with Russia somehow meddling in the last Presidential election, and how that’s morphed into a blackmail scandal, and now a scandal some are saying is a hoax… wow.  Just wow.

The details, real and unreal, continue to develop, so mentioning them here would probably be an injustice and look dated six hours after I post.

I said this morning to someone that if Ted Turner were deceased (and I certainly do not wish that upon him, he was and is an innovator), he’d be rolling over in his grave. The whole thing is turning into quite the circus, with CNN parading as bastions of real news while being trolled by fake news. Was there this much hysteria when Dwight Eisenhower took office in 1953? You know, the last guy whose first political occupation was being President?

No, I don’t think Trump is completely clean and above corruption. He was simply better ethically than the Democratic opposition, a political perfect storm the likes of which we’ll likely never see again in our lifetimes. I’m sure if they looked hard enough at his business dealings, they may find something.

I’ve lost people who I thought were good friends over voting for Donald Trump, some of whom have implied I’m somehow a racist. That sort of lunacy just proves they never were my friends to begin with. I’m looking forward to the time were some sanity can prevail once again.

Smoke, Mirrors, And Special Effects

I’m not saying what I’m about to say to be conspiratorial. It’s just something I’ve been noticing, and I wonder if any of you are picking up on this. Considering she has recently had pneumonia, if not something else wrong with her not being reported, I’m not even saying her camp taking precautions is something wrong.

On Monday past, I watched Hillary’s speech on CNN when she was in White Plains, New York. It seemed to me as I look at the outline of Hillary’s body that she was being superimposed somehow via a “chroma key” special effect, or something similar. But, I also saw her walking away from the scene as her speech concluded.

Some people on the Internet are noticing this as well. But like I said, if it’s true, I don’t necessarily think it is some sort of grandiose conspiracy. I remember President Obama giving a nationally televised speech on (I think) a Sunday night last year about ISIS (just after the San Bernardino attacks, if I recall right), and I thought he was being superimposed in to appear as if he was at White House when he might not have been.


I don’t understand why our leaders have to be deceptive, but at the same time, is it really all that important?

The Full Melania

On Sunday, I stumbled upon that New York Post article that shows the future Melania Trump (then Melania Knauss) modeling in her birthday suit. It was fairly obvious from the round shape (and not the more oval shape) of her breasts that when those photos were taken in 1996.

Yesterday, the Post topped that with Knauss photographed naked with another female model, who was also naked.

This is why I can’t take political issues and the discussions you see on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC all that seriously. Follow things long enough, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, and you’ll see the talking points go full circle, regardless of which party best suits your beliefs. Remember when the GOP objected over Michelle Obama wearing a bare-armed dress? I guess they’ll have to keep quiet now.

As for Melania’s modeling career, hey, that’s what models do. The fewer clothes you wear, the more they pay you. I guess I’m the one guy out there that thinks boob jobs are crazy for a woman to get. I often say if I wanted to suckle silicone (or saline), I’d go to Office Depot and buy a bunch of computers.

But that’s just me.

Aircheck: Various Sources, 7/11/1979, The Fall Of Skylab

This was a bit of a big deal back in ’79, as the first American space station, Skylab, visited three times by crews in Apollo spaceships for several weeks at a time in 1973 and 1974, was coming back down to Earth. It’s orbit was allowed to deteriorate, leaving a big mystery as to where the ship would crash back on our planet.

I remember watching the bulletins and reports on TV as a seven year old two months shy of my 8th birthday, with Walter Cronkite anchoring on CBS, doing a few minutes on the latest developments every hour. I imagine the other networks did the same, this being the year before CNN took to the air.

They were hopeful that the space station would crash into the Atlantic, but it stayed together long enough to where parts of it crashed into the mostly barren portions of the Western Australia state of Australia. Pieces of it were put on televised display nine days later when the Miss Universe pageant aired from Perth.