The Day Fidel Died


Usually, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my IPhone, which is usually either by my side or charging on my TV stand, depending on how much juice I have in the battery.

I saw red icons on the front page of the IPhone as I scrolled down Saturday morning, usually a sign there was breaking news while I slept. Then I read it. Fidel Castro, the long time leader of Cuba, had died at the age of 90.

Fox News Channel ran the video of people celebrating in the streets on a rainy overnight in Miami, almost as if God was crying tears of joy. While I found the celebrations a bit ghoulish, it should be pointed out Castro was one of the worst dictators of the last century, an eyesore among the world leaders of his time.

Cuba had already begun to change in the years leading up to his death, and as power was passed to his brother, Raul Castro, no spring chicken himself at the age of 85. I’m sure more changes and opportunities are in store for the island nation in the months ahead.

As for Fidel, all he will be remembered for was the pain and suffering he caused his people. Those same people of Cuba are now a step closer to the restoration of what they once were.


On Immigration

No, I didn’t watch the Republican debate last night, but I heard that Donald Trump went all hardcore against immigration, much to the consternation of the other candidates sharing the podium with him.

That issue is one of those things were party lines don’t divide everyone. Policy and sentiment seems to depend on the politicians themselves, and not the party.

Personally, I think when politicians speak of the immigration issue, they need to be VERY careful, because if you are not a Native American, you came from somewhere else. Maybe you were born here in this country, but your parents, or their parents, or their parents came from another country. It could be Ireland, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, what have you, but if you go back through the generations, someone came here from somewhere else.

The issue needs to be looked at with some level of compassion. In return, those wanting to live in the United States have to enter the country legally, as has always been the case. Putting up a wall on the Mexican border is only going to make people more determined to enter, as was the case back when there was a West Germany and a East Germany.

That’s how I see it, anyway. Just enforce the standing rules on the books. I don’t think a wall would help that cause.

What A Day

Today (the 17th of December, 2014) is one of those days people are going to need a few days to digest before they take in all that happened.

Let’s start off with what’s going on with me.  Mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they were updating the cable, and while I wasn’t happy about it all, I figured it would be best if I volunteered to meet the change and not make it look like I was kicking and screaming about it.  It’s the most complex cable arrangement I have seen in my life, turning the 80 channel or so system we have into a 300+ channel monstrosity.  Still haven’t figured it all out yet, and it’s a bit of a shock because I’m not so used to being so technically challenged.

I’m just happy it came with the NFL Network, so I can watch the games Saturday.

We’re suddenly buddies with Cuba again, and who would have thought prior to today this was going to happen?  It’s one of those things that was probably going to happen soon no matter which party owned the White House, but with Russia economically reeling, I guess this was as good a time as any.

Then there’s that flap over the movie called “The Interview” that won’t be released now, thanks to Sony Entertainment getting hacked by, apparently, North Korea.  All this hullabaloo over a damn movie.  Really?  Movies are supposed to be art forms, right?  The leader of North Korea isn’t the first world poobah to be parodied, won’t be the last.  I wish the Sony people had stood up to the government, but they had to do what was best for business at the end of the day.

All I got for today…but wasn’t it enough for you?