Though The Heavens Fall

I really haven’t been following the latest gossip with President Trump lately. It gets to a point where you go insane trying to keep up with it all, and I enjoy my sanity in tact. 

Sadly, you get immune to the theatrics of Trump’s tweets and the media’s over reactions to them. I’m sure some people in the newspaper industry privately bitched when FDR held his fireside chats in the 1930’s and 1940’s on this new invention called radio. I can’t blame the President for declaring TV obsolete: someone else would have. 

President Trump keeps insisting the Russian fiasco is a witch hunt, while the Democrats insist otherwise. The facts are evolving by the day, if not the hour, but the crux of the story hasn’t changed. 

Something will have to give at some point ahead, we just don’t know what side prevails yet. Then we can talk about what happens to Trump’s presidency. 


Swing And A Miss

Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame, littered with resistance stickers.

It was said over the weekend that over 20,000,000 people took time out of their late morning and early afternoon routines to watch the James Comey hearings held by the Senate on Thursday.

Personally, I thought it was a big time swing and a miss, no matter what sauce the media has left over to cook with. You can’t have your guy with the “squeaky clean image” in Mr. Comey with his thumb on the scale. When he admitted he gave a memo to a buddy to leak to the media to Susan Collins of Maine, that’s exactly what happened.

I said a couple of weeks ago that if President Trump was going to be impeached, it’s more likely to occur later on in his presidency than in the here and now. He got help from Russia to build some golf courses, and that’s pretty much a fact to Eric Trump’s admission. That may or may not mean that he (President Trump) got help with his election. I still think it’s more likely the President gets in trouble over something that has yet to happen, or is in the process of happening, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

Then again, his boasts about having tapes and or recordings of Comey, that could get him into trouble. If there were never any tapes, how does he prove that? In other words, how can you prove something you say exists never existed?

In time, I can’t see him not messing up, but we’re just not there yet.

The Odds Of Impeachment

Well, we might as well start talking about that “I” word, right?

The one thing that bugs me about how the word impeachment is used is, well, like the guy in The Princess Bride says, I don’t think it means what they think it means. They think impeachment means President Trump would be ousted. Not so. It means that there would be a trial in the Senate and if 67 senators vote guilty, then he is convicted and removed from office provided there isn’t some heretofore seen resistance at that point.

If I were in Las Vegas, I’d say resignation is the more likely to happen. They cut Trump a Nixon-like deal, a pardon at some point in the future for a resignation in the near term. I think that’s a 5-1 shot.

Impeachment, I’m thinking that’s about 8-1. It might not necessarily be over Russia either. It could possibly be over something we don’t know about yet, considering the limitless boundaries of what seems to be Trump’s inexperience, if not incomptence. Ronald Reagan was called the Teflon president, because until his second term, nothing stuck to him. Trump is the polar opposite: right or wrong, everything sticks to him.

Say the House of Representatives impeached Trump, and the Senate tries him, and the President doesn’t resign. I’d set conviction at 13-1. If it gets that far before the 2018 elections, he’s in deep trouble, because that would mean Republicans turned on him. If it (meaning Trump’s impeachment) happens at the House level, it most definitely happens at the Senate level.

There are other variables at play as well, namely that we don’t know what we don’t know as of now. Do the Democrats attempt to stretch the investigation out past November of 2018 into 2019, so that they could possibly get more Dems seated in the House and Senate?

Could this degenerate into, God forbid, civil war, considering the events and the near mass fight that took place at the Texas State House on Memorial Day, and considering the alternating narratives that CNN and MSNBC, put out as opposed to Fox News. Plus, that whole Kathy Griffin fiasco yesterday. On second thought, let’s not talk about that.

Unfortunately for our country, I could see something like Trump fighting it out down to the last possible moment. I don’t think there’s a limit in terms of how far this goes, and I don’t think most of us get that.


Dancing With The Donald

Watching President Trump dancing in Saudi Arabia on Saturday inspired me to do something for the first time in over a year.

It inspired me to make a video for the first time in over a year.

I hope you all can use a non-partisan laugh, as this video was meant to be one. 


Off The Train

I’ve had an amazing reversal, or maybe it was an epiphany, on my thinking regarding the President. It hit me Friday morning when I read his tweets, and his veiled threat to former FBI head James Comey.

It hit me that Mr. Trump is not a normal person, beyond being President. In retrospect, I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier. Normal people would let someone like Mr. Comey go, like someone you pass on the side of the road, eventually getting smaller in the rear view mirror. But Trump, against all logic, couldn’t let him go without threatening him. Normal people don’t do that.

But Trump made this veiled threat Friday morning on Twitter at Comey, suggesting there’s a tape (more likely some sort of recording) of a conversation between the two. It’s about there where I tapped out, my mind screaming, “I can’t! I can’t!!!”

What can I say? We all went looking for the quick fix voting for this guy. It’s not like voting for the wife of a former impeached President was a stellar idea in itself.

Trump is a child, and he had a hell of a tantrum last week. He’s going to do a lot more damage before all is said and done. And I voted for him, though I wasn’t alone.

I regret it though, seriously. All I can hope for is not to get fooled again, I guess. There was talk in the papers of a major cabinet shakeup on Sunday, so out President will only continue to accumulate enemies.


From Russia With Golf

Our president continues to make news at the most unexpected times.

Late Tuesday afternoon past, it was the firing of FBI director James Comey. It was a move Democrats would have supported several months ago, but suddenly don’t support now.

Then there was that curious sentence out of Trump’s letter about Comey telling Trump three different times the President was clear of any wrongdoing. Of what, pray tell? The whole Russian thing, or something else?

Oh by the way, I no longer think the Russian thing is a bunch of bull. There actually might be something there. I was watching one of Keith Olbermann’s GQ pieces, and a recent piece spoke of this golf columnist who played with Donald and Eric Trump on the Trump golf course in Charlotte in 2014.

The columnist and author, James Dodson, got curious about how Trump could afford to build courses six years removed from the economic upheaval of 2008. Long story short, Eric tells Dodson that the Russians were funding his father to build these courses. The younger Trump has since denied saying that, calling the report a bunch of garbage.

I’m just saying that it’s been my experience in life that the truth usually comes from unexpected places. Why would a golf columnist lie at the expense of his career about a Republican president? Doesn’t make sense.

So, maybe it’s true. If so, I’ve been badly duped, but at least I’m not alone in that.


Exposing The Divide

Last week, TV host Stephen Colbert referred to President Trump as someone whose mouth was only good for committing a homosexual act on Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Colbert would then go on and say a couple of days later that he regretted the wording, but that he tells jokes and Trump has nuclear launch codes, so it’s thus a fair fight.

Then on Friday past, Bill Maher made a similar “joke” that suggested that Ivanka Trump committed the same kind of act, with the President on the receiving end in an act of incest.

(The reason for Colbert’s outrage was that Trump had given CBS’s John Dickerson an interview, then abruptly ended it when Dickerson began asking Trump about his claims of President Obama wiretapping him.)

Thus, the bar has been dramatically raised or lowered, depending on your perspective, as to what can be said about a sitting President. Usually such comments in past years demanded an apology at least, though it can be argued Colbert did that half heartedly.

Next month, I’m planning to start covering the 19th season of Big Brother. If I had to make the decision today, I would be boycotting covering the show. Trust me, I get why people hate the President, but calling him basically something rhyming with rock sucker is just a bit over the top.

Homophobia is homophobic, no matter the political leanings of the person making the remark. CBS doesn’t have to punish Mr. Colbert, just as no one is forcing me to write about one of their shows. In time, the people will speak with what channels they watch and the sponsors of these shows they do business with.

It’s just a matter of what the people choose to say that’s up in the air.  I just kind of wonder if we’ve crossed the line of what’s in good taste, and if so, when did we cross it, and how long will it continue to be ignored if we have?