Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work

I watched the Senate on C-SPAN 2 last night trying to pass this latest COVID stimulus bill that would give us peasants another $1400 check. Republicans are doing everything they can to stall the bill’s eventual passage.

The GOP are upset that there’s too much “pork” in the bill – projects that boost the election chances of various members of Congress with localized projects. Of course, when the GOP had control of Congress they did the same thing.

We also shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Republicans were all for stimulus packages when Donald Trump was President – which means the Democrats were all against it before they suddenly were for it.

Sadly, it’s only the latest reminder of how treacherous the political world is. If I were then, I wouldn’t piss the people off too much. Scenes like what we saw on January 6 could easily happen again – and this time the former President isn’t around to be scapegoated.

Turn The Page

We get a new President today.

I root not against our country, so I hope Joe Biden is able to succeed. I hope he can unite a deeply divided land. He has that power and I hope he uses it for good, not evil.

As for the outgoing President, I thank him for his service and for arguably being one of the better single-term Presidents ever. There are rumors of him starting a third party, which may offset plans by the Democrats for the eventual abolition of the Electoral College.

I will continue to hope for Law biding Trump voters not to be punished or shunned. They merely, as Gandhi said, wanted to be the change they wish to see.

I’m hopeful every inaugural day. It’s like the opening day of your favorite sport. The slate is clean, and so should the political slate be this January 20th of 2021.

Time to turn that page.

He Still Stands

As of the moment I write this, the President is back at the White House, having survived his COVID episode as the odds would seem to dictate.

The media didn’t seem to enjoy the President’s recovery, the way his every move was criticized by them in the days of his hospitalization. Whether you like the man or not, the media more or less has lost its way regarding who they are partial to.

If Mr. Trump beats the odds again four weeks from now, then what? Unless the constitution changes, Trump can’t run for a third term. Then you have a “jump ball” for 2024 where either side could likely control the Presidency.

With 2020 being such an off the charts crazy year, what does that entail for the four years ahead if DJT wins? Will the Democrats cease their constant resistance? I doubt it.

The Grudge Match

The Democrats are still broken from the 2016 elections of four years ago.

Why else would Joe Biden now emerge as the likely Democratic nominee? After a few big-name candidates dropped out after the usual series of Super Tuesday primaries (gee willikers, how did that happen?) – the former Vice President has pulled out win after win.

This sets up yet another either painful or painfully delicious (depending on your view) “grudge match” of candidates in the 2020 presidential election this fall. President Trump now faces Joe Biden – the man who he ill-fatedly tried to investigate last year, leading to an ill-fated impeachment attempt by the Democrats earlier this year.

I know who I’m voting for in this scenario – the current President, as I think he’s done a better job than anyone ever dreamed to expect. What will probably drive me crazy is all the “noise” that’s going to happen between now and then. Can November 4th get here soon, please?

The Grand Facade So Soon Will Burn

I’ve been watching a considerable amount of the televised impeachment inquiry that’s been going on. If you’ve been following this blog for any time, you’re probably not surprised that I’m hard pressed to find what President Trump did wrong.

No, this is not a personal attack on Democrats. Not at all. We’re all going to have to coexist in this world regardless of the divergence of our opinions about our President.

I just have a hard time figuring out what his crime is, and it appears I’m not alone in that opinion. I guess it goes back to my last blog entry when I was asking why am I me. Why am I a Trump supporter where I could easily have been on the other side?

Sometimes the “why” is just as interesting as that sentence that starts with the word “because.”

Victory And Reality

I must admit to getting hooked in to the hullabaloo that was President Trump’s tweet Saturday night. When a world leader says something big happened, I tend to believe it.

The big news was the capture of the ISIS leader – and like most Americans, I couldn’t tell you who that was for a million bucks and a carload of tacos. Apparently, the leader cried and whimpered his way to his grave – blowing himself up to terminate his miserable existence.

In turn, the Democrats looked at this in their reactions like their pet cat had just given them a lizard as a gift. It was a far cry from a time a few short years ago when Osama bin Laden had been captured and everyone celebrated his demise.

I’m very concerned for what the future of the country might be – as this series of gestures proves there are agitators in our midst. It’s up to us to sort them out, at that will not be easy if those perpetrators all have D’s or R’s as their political affiliations.

The Odds Of Impeachment, Another Look

A little while back, I did a post covering what I felt the odds were for President Trump to be impeached while in office. When I did the post back then, I felt it was a long shot bet – but now, things have changed a bit.

For the purposes of this post, I’m not debating the philosophy of either party, or the arguments therein. I’m just giving my perspective here.

Will he be impeached in the House? I’d say right now it’s about 7-5 against it happening. All the Democrats would have to on board for it in order to pass it. That might not be a done deal even still.

Removal from office by a Senate Trial would still be a long shot, I’d say 7-1 against. In theory, should the House pass articles of impeachment, the GOP senators would almost immediately reject it.

But that also is far from a done deal. A lot of Republicans aren’t necessarily Trump backers, and if 20 GOP senators were to join 47 Democrats – there you go.

I hope we good through the process peacefully.

Impeachment Revisited

Until 67 duly sworn United States senators say otherwise, Donald Trump is President of the United States.

The push to impeach the President, which seems to have gone on since the moment he was sworn in, has been renewed with the rumor of a quid pro quo relationship with the leader of the Ukraine in exchange for dirt on presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Based on minimal evidence up to this point in time, the Democrats and their friendlier outlets in the media have renewed such impeachment calls – all without revealing (to this point) what exact laws the President broke.

Personally, I don’t think right now it goes anywhere. Even if the Dems reach their goal of impeachment – it is not the true end result. Removal from office would be, and unless something really goes wrong – that ain’t gonna happen.

Mueller? Mueller?!?

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After viewing the assertions of former special counsel Robert Mueller this 24th day of July 2019, there seems to be little chance for the impeachment of the President before the 2020 elections. The Democrats and the so-called “Deep State” may be treading in hotter water, however, for foisting this fraud on to all of us.

(Yes, I still hate, with a passion, the use of the phrase “The American People.” You, the American politicians, don’t speak for all of us, so would you please stop using that phrase? Please, and thank you.)

Mueller looked a bit like a bumbling professor at the witness table today, or a grandfather in dire need of a nap. I’m sure at one point in his career he could bring his A-game, but this was not such a day. The Republican members of congress drilled holes in the logic of his arguments with ease – while Democrats seemed to have trouble presenting even leading questions to him.

The only question that lingers is what happens to all of those who bore false witness on the President? Then the whole Jeffrey Epstein matter is left to be settled, and that may be problematical for a lot of celebrities and politicians stupid enough to be in that mix.


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A bit later today (it’s just about 7 AM when I type this – so what happens is yet to be exactly known), it is expected that Attorney General William Barr will be held in contempt of Congress for failing to hand over an unredacted version of the Muller Report – which would be illegal to produce with grand jury testimony in it.

It is quite likely Mr. Barr won’t be arrested, unless the Democrats are dumb enough to think they can score political points that way. Republicans accuse the Democrats, the Democrats accuse the Republicans, and on and on and on it will go.

I’m getting bored with it. Politics has become an endless game of tic-tac-toe. Stalemate after stalemate after stalemate. Politicians couch themselves in useless crutch phrase sure to include the words “the American people” as if we were a brand name a NASCAR driver was forced to mention in every interview.

Our President may or may not have his heart in the right place – but he must see by now how futile the effort is for one leader to drain a swamp.

If you want real change in this country two things must be done. First, society must embrace and not discourage other lesser-known political parties. Invite them to debate, don’t shoo them off because they have no chance at winning – because that’s what a free society does, which is what we are supposed to be!

Secondly, get rid of the Electoral college. If we are going to have a multiple-party system, there would be no need for it. All that it would do is get in the way of finding a true winner. Maybe make the Presidential election a two-round process, where all the candidates are eligible in the first round, then you have a run-off of the top two candidates in the deciding round.

That’s how I would do it. This will probably be my last political post in a while (knock on wood), because the whole thing as it stands now BORES me. Let justice be done for whoever deserves it, though the heavens fall.

Which Happens First: Paid College Athletes, Or A Union For Wrestlers?

Some four and a half years ago, I did a piece on whether London or Las Vegas would be the first team to get a North American pro sports franchise – a battle Las Vegas wound up winning.

Now, as the end of the 2010’s is less than nine months away, it seems we have another question. What will happen first, college athletes getting paid in some form, or professional wrestling (namely the WWE) forming some sort of union or acting guild?

The John Oliver piece on HBO seemed to be a veiled shot at President Trump through his good friend in Vince McMahon – but it raised some excellent points. How does every other sport or form of entertainment have some sort of union, guild, or health care system – and the WWE, which made close to a billion dollars last year, does not?

In the era of wrestling I grew up in a couple of generations ago, when you had various regional outlets and not a global circuit – it made plenty of sense not to have unions. The unions and health care the wrestlers would need to be in top-notch physical condition would have bankrupted most of the smaller organizations. Even as late as the turn of the milenia, groups like WCW and the then-WWF would run some pay-per-views in towns like Mobile or Biloxi as opposed to bigger cities to cut down costs. In other words, to avoid union influence.

Ditto for college sports. I barely watch college basketball anymore because the length of the MLB and NFL seasons have swallowed up the time I can watch it. A lot of these athletes in the colleges bust their asses off with no shot of making it professionally. Video games and other marketeers out there use the likenesses of the players free of charge – so it’s time they (the college athletes) got paid as well.

Congress is pushing legislation to subsidize college athletics – but the push John Oliver made for unionizing wrestling might make this a closer call than you’d think.

Hoax Land

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If you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, then it should not be allowed to say a President colluded with another country if such information is false.

The networks were abuzz late Friday afternoon with the news that the nearly two-year investigation of what happened in the 2016 Elections reached its end. In the days that followed up until the time of this typing just before noon on Sunday, very little information leaked to the media about special counsel Robert Muller’s findings – which would seem to be a preliminary indication that the President nor his family did anything wrong.

Should this continue to verify, the media and those politicians who gave no quarter to the presiding President have done the man – and, by extension, all of us – a grave disservice. Remember back in 2016 that I was skeptical of Mr. Trump – but as the election dawned, I felt the country would be better in his hands than in the hands of the wife of an impeached former President.

If Republicans had done this so a sitting Democratic president, I would be just as upset – and regardless of the political affiliation, whether or not we have a President with a “D” or an “R” next to his name – this was all done in our names. All who participated in this scam should be shunned as much as possible. As Caitlin Johnstone recently suggested, these people need to be ruthlessly mocked – as they did to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Mitch McConnell, and others.

If that leads to the indictment of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama – so be it.

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.