Flashback: “El Paso” by Marty Robbins

For the relatively new viewers of this blog, I should probably explain the Flashback segment every week I’ve been doing since 2013.

Every Friday (occasionally late on a Thursday night, rarely a Saturday) I post a YouTube clip from a song from pop or country history. Usually a different song every week (although twice I’ve erroneously put up the same song on two separate occasions), and the song it’s always at least 10 years old. Thus with the passing of a new year, everything from 2007 and older is currently eligible.

I thought “El Paso” would be a good start to the year, as this Marty Robbins epic tells quite a good yarn. It spent two weeks at #1 in late 1959 and early 1960, straddling not only two years but two decades.

Flashback Friday: “Hush Sweet Lover” by k.d. lang

Always liked this song from k.d. lang, circa 1993. It’s about (or so I thought) a woman trying to seduce another woman, which was rather radical subject matter for a pop song a couple of decades back.

D’OH! Turns out this was a “Flashback Friday” song back in February of 2014 as well. Sorry about that.

More to come tomorrow…

Flashback Friday: “American Dream” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Picked this tune out before I had learned about the passing of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes yesterday (a very dark sense of serendipity indeed), but the song is even more appropriate now…

Have a good weekend, everybody. More on tap tomorrow.

Flashback Friday: “Naturally Stoned” by The Avant-Garde

The Avant Garde scored their only top 40 hit in 1968 with this neat little ditty.  The lead singer is somebody named Chuck Woolery.  I think some of you may have heard of him, as I heard he’s been on TV for just a little while, that is if you consider six decades quite a while.

More blogging goodness next week…


Flashback Friday: “The Best” by Tina Turner

The first time I heard this song was in 1988, and it wasn’t Tina Turner singing it, but Bonnie Tyler on her “Notes From America” album.  That album also had a version of “Hide Your Heart” on it before KISS made it their own, and a version of “Don’t Turn Around” that Ace Of Base made famous in the mid-90’s, which Tina Turner also covered.  Confused yet?

When I heard Tina’s version of “The Best” a year later, I thought it had hit potential, doing somewhat well on the charts, having a much longer shelf life on the TV promotion circuit.

More next week, as always.

Flashback Friday: “Love’s Theme” by the Love Unlimited Orchestra

I always think of golf when I hear this song.  ABC used this tune for many years back in the 70’s and 80’s (if I remember right) whenever they had a golf tournament to present, like the US Open.

With the eyes of the sports world on Augusta, I thought it was a good time to trot Barry White out.  This collaboration with the Love Unlimited Orchestra topped the charts on February 9, 1974.

More next week, as always.